A Proven Path to Success

devCodeCamp is an immersive program that has launched hundreds of new software development careers in just months, not years. The program provides the environment, tested instruction and structure that has taken those with little to no coding experience and trained them to work as professional web or software developers.

Previous grads have come from varied backgrounds such as career changers, students, entrepreneurs, and professionals wanting to stay relevant.

A Proven Path to Success

devCodeCamp is an immersive program that provides the environment, instructors, and structure needed for you to launch a new software development career in months, not years.

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Why It Works?
  • Our 12-week, immersive program gives you the skills to jumpstart your career in tech.
  • Become a superior problem solver and develop the ability to continuously learn and grow as a professional.
  • Our proven curriculum has prepared hundreds of students for jobs in the growing tech industry.
Will I Get a Job?
  • Tech jobs are in high demand and companies are searching for qualified and talented people who can code.
  • Check bls.gov by need and pay for web and software developers by area.
  • Graduates get hired by companies ranging from startups to household names. Click the Outcomes button below to see how devCodeCamp grads do.
Can I Do This?
  • The majority of our students come to us with zero to little coding experience.
  • Ask yourself. Do you like solving problems? Do you like to create? Is being a part of the tech movement exciting?.
  • Take a tour and info session to find out how hundreds like you started their career in code.

Complete Your Education

Students come to devCodeCamp with various levels of education. These same students want to learn to code because they feel they are missing the important skills that will allow them to get a high-paying job at a company where they can stand out and make a difference. If you want to improve upon existing skills by adding a powerful technical skill set, our fully immersive coding school will prepare you for an industry that is eagerly waiting for you to start your new career.

“Quite frankly I got way more out of devCodeCamp than I did attending a four-year university. You jump right in and get hands-on immediately. I came in with zero, I mean zero, coding experience, but I’m leaving confident and excited to apply my skills in the field.”

– Sarah Steiner, now Associate Engineer | Northwestern Mutual

– received job offer 8 days after graduation

Paying for devCodeCamp

Pay Upfront
lowest cost to attend
Paying upfront is the most cost-effective method of taking care of tuition. Paying your tuition directly provides the best ROI.


  • Check or credit card
  • A loan from your credit union or bank
Student Loan
no downpayment required
You're able to finance your tuition with a private student loan from Climb Credit or Skills Fund.


  • Finance 100% of your tuition
  • Pay intereest only for up to 5 months
  • No prepayment penalties
Veterans Use Your GI Bill®
No cost vet housing available
Veterans and their dependents may use their available GI Bill® Education Benefits to pay for their tuition.


  • Veterans and their dependents may utilize their benefits for devCodeCamp's bootcamp
  • Veterans keep their Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA)
  • Furnished apartments are available at no additional cost to those not in the area.
Income Share Agreement
Pay only when you earn $40k or more. What if you never do? Then you'll never pay and your coding education is on us!


  • $0 upfront cost - No traditional student debt. Make monthly payments only when you have a job making $40k+ a year
  • Then pay 15% of your income for 36 monthly payments with a $30k max. cap
  • Housing not included.

Our graduates have gone on to work for such companies as:

Northwestern Mutual


Brady Corp

Lands’ End



Rockwell Automation

Mayo Clinic


JDA Software


Milwaukee Tool


Foremost Media

AG America Lending

National Business Furniture

Milwaukee Brewers

Skygen USA

MSI Data

Foley & Lardner



WI Vision Associates





F.B.I. via Quadrint

Guardian Software

Wild Impact Marketing



Penta Technologies


Layer One Media




Advicent Solutions

Delta Defense

Eagle Technologies


UW Parkside


MacGregor Partners

US Bank

Badger Meter

Trisept Solutions


SPR Consulting

GMR Marketing

Waterstone Mortgage

Batteries Plus Bulbs



Health Champion

Campus Management Corp.



ETE Reman

Our graduates have gone on to work for such companies as:

Northwestern Mutual

National Business Furniture


Milwaukee Brewers

Lands’ End



Rockwell Automation

Milwaukee Tool

“After completing the program, I found a job as a software developer in the Milwaukee area within a month.”

Chris Hoelter – Health Champion

“I now have a wonderful job doing something I truly love every day at one of the biggest company’s in the state and I’m loving life.”

Jennifer Endisch – Northwestern Mutual

“Stay motivated and take this course seriously. You will be rewarded.”

Jake Mueller – Kohls

devCodeCamp In The News

devCodeCamp Lab
Coding school fast-tracks grads to work

WTMJ 620 – June 18, 2019

MILWAUKEE- Learning to code doesn’t need to take 4 years of schooling or time at an expensive university.

Making good on the idea of creating a 21st Century trade school, DevCode Camp in downtown Milwaukee’s entering its fourth year of operation…

Former Gov. Scott Walker supports coding school where a student can pay nothing until landing a lob

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – May 28, 2019

Former Gov. Scott Walker touted how a new education payment option could help more students into skills-based training during an appearance at a Milwaukee coding school Tuesday.

DevCodeCamp offers an income share agreement for students…

Coding Bootcamps, Like devCodeCamp and Make School, are Redefining Education in America

RedState – November 2, 2018

With Election Day approaching, you have probably been bombarded with an endless number of campaign Ads on TV.  Or maybe your social media feed has been blanketed with politicians promising one thing or another. Amidst the numerous critical issues facing out elected…

Former Governor Scott Walker promotes ISA program in Milwaukee

CBS58 TV – May 28, 2019

Milwaukee (CBS 58) — Former Governor Scott Walker stopped in downtown Milwaukee on Tuesday at a place where they teach computer coding to young people.

It’s called devCodeCamp and it’s the first in the state to offer students an income share agreement program…

Ex-soldiers enlist in ‘boot camp’ again – this time, to learn software coding

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – March 23, 2018

Joel Corey helped clear roads of bombs in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, a job skill not easily translatable into the civilian workforce back home…

Coding Bootcamps Help Americans Find 21st Century Jobs

InsideSources – October 25, 2018

It is no surprise technology and digitization are changing the world. Everything we do and touch, both personally and professionally, has become increasingly digitized – banking mobile apps on our phones, health and fitness equipment, GPS-based home delivery services…

Advancing Workforce Development Programs

Washington Times – November 19, 2018

It’s an unfortunate reality in this day and age that higher education is failing to connect many Americans with fulfilling, high-paying jobs. People come out of college saddled with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt and a degree that…

Inside Ward4, devCodeCamp has been pumping out coders

BizTimes – March 06, 2017

For the past year and a half, a for-profit intensive coding boot-camp run out of the Ward4 co-working space in the Pritzlaff Building complex in Walker’s Point, has been pumping out junior developers in the Milwaukee area.

Called devCodeCamp, the program was created…

Drone Companies Need Coders to Design Software. Bootcamps like devCodeCamp Train Them Every Day.

Drone America – December 8, 2018

Technology is rapidly changing our world in amazing ways once thought unimaginable, and one of the most amazing advancements today is drone technology.

When you hear drones, you might think of the drones our military…

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Opinion: Coding Boot Camps Offer a New Path to Success for Coders

The Daily Caller – November 9, 2018

Anyone who has ever taken a literature class in school will recognize this iconic passage from poet Robert Frost: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and it has made all the difference.”