Student Spotlight: Spencer

“Today was the day that shows what I’ve been working for this entire time, the end result. It has been fun here at devCodeCamp, but as the time here is coming to an end, I have needed somewhere to go. I had few interviews for possible jobs to go into after finishing up here, and today I was offered one. I am extremely happy that my work has paid off and I get to start one week after class is done. I have learned and grown as a person with my time here at devCodeCamp and getting to the end result is what has felt the best. Going into my first programming related job I have high hopes that I will be able to continue to grow and improve myself as a programmer.” – Spencer

Spencer is one of the students at devCodeCamp that has completed the program and has moved on to bigger and better things. In the last week of his time through the Fully Immersive Coding bootcamp, we sat down with Spencer and reflected on where he came from and also to where he is going.  Check out the interview with him.

devCodeCamp: Since high school concluded for you, what type of schooling have you pursued? 
Spencer: I went to MATC for a year and a half, going for video game programming,  but I wasn’t really a fan of the traditional schooling. I took a break from that and had a part-time job until I came here. I’ve worked at Target since 2012.   Part of my experience at MATC involved an internship with a place called Everfire Studios.   We were making games.  I had that for about a year and a half.   I also worked at Target part-time while doing both of those things

devCC: At what point in the program did you start interviewing?
S: Probably towards the eight week mark was when I started interviewing.  I had two interviews total throughout the entire course that I’ve had so far; but around the 8th week is when I started interviewing.

devCC: We understand you were recently hired by a local company as a coder.  Can you tell us a little about that? 
S: I had an interview at Trisept Solutions.  They do C# development with the MVC framework, build applications for FunJet Vacations, Southwest Airlines and kind of pair together the traveling packages for them.  They’re not too far from here, out on Brown Deer Road.    I had one interview with them, and then had a secondary one, and a couple days later I received a call with a job offer from them.   

devCC: What will you be doing in your new position?
S: I’m going to be an application developer working with their lead developers, fixing bugs, working on new parts of applications.

devCC: Were you happy with your salary? Was it what you expected? 
S: What they offered was right about the range that I was expecting    They had initially put up a number in the first interview and asked if this was within my range, what I was looking for; and it was .

devCC: So it is safe to say it’s a better gig than Target?
S: It was a lot better than Target!  

devCC: Do you think you ready for this? 
S: I think I’m ready for the task.  The first couple weeks will be interesting to see where I’m fitting in with the team; but after that, I feel if I need to learn anything I’ll be able to pick it up and step up to the plate for it.  We learned languages that are going to be required over there, and the technologies that we also learned are going to be used over there as well.  I think anything that I received here is going to be extremely helpful in moving into that job.  

devCC: You’ll be leaving devCodeCamp here shortly.  Do you think you’ll stay involved with it? 
S: I think I’ll attend some meet ups to see how everyone’s doing over here; maybe a couple of times stop in and talk with the class and the instructors a little bit.   It would be nice to keep a connection with everyone here.  

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