devCodeCamp featured on Today’s TMJ4

From a TMJ4 news report: A new Milwaukee boot camp called devCodeCamp is shaking up the traditional four-year college degree.

“devCodeCamp set out to disrupt traditional education,” said Paul Jirovetz, director of program operations. “We’re putting 700 hours in 14 weeks. We do not skimp on content,” he said.

The intense course puts students through software development projects that require solving real world problems.

Michael Terrill has a business degree but decided to try coding camp after learning about the huge gap between employers looking for software developers and not having enough talent to choose from. “I decided to take a chance, check this out, and it just seems like I picked the right choice,” Terrill said. “They emphasize what’s going on in Milwaukee right now. What do these jobs, what do they want. And that’s what they’re teaching here. So we’re fully prepared.”

Take a look at additional footage and interviews with Paul Jirovetz and Joseph Schomperlen to get more insight into devCodeCamp, and the demands of the Milwaukee market.

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