Coding with Salesforce

At devCodeCamp, we thrive on going above and beyond to help others flourish. It is that type of atmosphere that allows our students to push themselves to become the best software developers they can be.

Adam Martell and Trevor Quass, two students in the fully immersive program, spent five days on a project that integrated a Salesforce application programming interface (API) and Google API to create a fully functioning product.

The project concept was to produce an application that used a Salesforce API to solve a real world business problem. The key here is not only were the students required to use their recently developed technical skills to solve the problem, but also it was necessary to put their creative minds to work in order to come up with a problem to solve. It can be an uncomfortable position, as most people either have the technical skills or creative skills, not both, to accomplish such a feat. However, Adam, Trevor and the rest of the students were up for the task.

In what has become the norm at devCodeCamp, expectations were high. To the surprise of no one, Adam and Trevor did not disappoint.

The application they designed allows sales representatives to visit current clients or find potential new clients when traveling to various cities. Using the Salesforce API, a sales representative has the ability to pull a list of clients, which is categorized by city, to the application. From there, the sales representative can search for a specific city that will appear on Google maps and select a client in the given city. Doing so will zoom in on the client and provide directions for the most accessible route. For the sales representative in pursuit of new clients, it is possible to search for related companies that will populate the map with markers.

blogpic111615Despite ultimately succeeding on the highest level, the project was not always easy going. Adam and Trevor encountered a critical problem that took them an entire day to solve. In what is one of the most valuable skills a software developer can obtain, they refused to give up and muscled through to find a solution. It resulted in a working product on the fourth day of the project week. On the fifth day, they were able to add polish to the final product, including a unique logo they designed for their application.

Adam and Trevor’s effort is just one of the amazing success stories at devCodeCamp, where students are learning about coding and creating astonishing projects in the same week.

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