Batteries Plus Bulbs Comes To devCodeCamp

The students at DevCodeCamp had a great opportunity to listen to Batteries Plus Bulbs Director of Application Services Dan Dugan give an inspiring presentation.

Mr. Dugan’s message was simple: the world needs developers, not just programmers. Developers do not only need to know how to code, but also they must be able to relate to those who do not understand the technical aspect of the industry. Even more important is developers must be able to come to the table with ideas and work successfully with team members to achieve a desirable outcome of a project. Anyone can comprehend and implement a list of tasks, but it takes a developer to evolve when the job requires it.

The message sunk in with every student of the three current fully immersive software development programs that were in attendance. With that said, it was the graduating developers that got the proper sendoff they needed on their last day of class. One cannot put a price on the opportunity to receive such a powerful message from a man who has 15-plus years of industry experience before they take their first step towards beginning their careers as software developers.

As Mr. Dugan elaborated on what the industry looks for in a software developer, he pinpointed a common attribute every dev should have in their arsenal on the job. He passionately described how developers are all on the ship together. If the project fails, the entire team goes down with it. Even if a developer’s assigned portion is completed, it is their duty to figure out what can be done to help the team succeed.

For us at devCodeCamp, it is good to have validation regarding the principles we impart on our students. The fact that our teaching philosophy perfectly aligns with what Batteries Plus Bulbs, one of devCodeCamp’s many hiring partners, believes has become the industry norm is certainly encouraging. It explains why devCodeCamp graduate Ryan Roethle has excelled with Batteries Plus Bulbs since being hired this past October.

With more industry professionals relaying wisdom to the students of devCodeCamp, it is no wonder why the energy continues to build with each graduating class.

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