The Value of devCodeCamp

Ready to review the devCodeCamp value proposition? As the founder of devCodeCamp explains, the value in our immersive approach is focused on creating relevant talent to fill high paying in-demand jobs in software engineering. All while keeping the tuition affordable.

Up until now the traditional path to getting a job as a Junior Software Engineer or Junior Software Developer for web applications has been earning a Computer Science (CS) degree down the college or university path. Most CS degrees have approximately 700-820 hours of core course material that focuses on computer science, depending on the institution. We also have found through interviewing prospective students for our Program that many CS graduates experience very little actual project coding as part of their degree curriculum.

Enter the devCodeCamp Program, which is based on an accelerated learning model. In 12 weeks, you will have put in a minimum of 600 hours of learning and many will have exceeded 700-plus hours, nearly the equivalent of a four-year CS degree when comparing actual topics that comprise courses in computer science.

Monday through Friday for 12 weeks, our students will spend 10-12 hours learning at a tuition of $14,987. Obviously you need to be serious in your commitment, but the rewards at the end of the Program can be unbelievably rewarding.

The following is what students can expect during the Program:

  • Daily immersion in a single topic for 10-12 hours rather than taking random classes for three one-hour time periods in a degree curriculum.
  • A time block of 15-60 minutes being spent on daily lectures on specific skills, while the rest of the day is spent engaging in coding, white-boarding, problem solving, collaborating, testing code, code review and beyond, rather than listening to theory or how it should be done. The bottom line is you are learning through doing.
  • Learning the collaborative soft skills that are required by employers.
  • Finishing in 12 weeks rather than four years
  • Greater potential of retention of what was learned over 14 weeks versus over four years
  • The cost of tuition is a fraction of a four-year degree

Our Programs have been selected and created based on employer demand and job outlook along with particular attention paid to providing students with the foundation of modern software principles. Program fundamentals will quickly build to more advanced skills that are required to master the languages and technologies being taught. Our curriculum is constantly being improved based on feedback from alumni and hiring partners.
What will not change, however, is our commitment to ensure we graduate Software Engineers and Web Application Developers that will be able to quickly take on and learn new software tools, languages, and technologies as for a new task on the job.

Your daily learning is comprised of short lectures and assignments that lead you into individual and group collaborative projects that are designed to replicate real-world software development environments. At the end of each team day you will attend a scrum meeting, just like you would at many of our hiring partners if you were employed by them. A scrum meeting is where you discuss your progress, challenges and how your work that day advanced the development efforts of your team. In short, it is a measure to your efforts that day and a road map to the following day.

Your devCodeCamp instructors are full-time practicing Software Engineers that are not adjunct instructors, but rather they are fully committed to your success and that of our mission at devCodeCamp. Combined, the instructional staff has collectively written over 10 million lines of production code. More importantly, they are eager to share their knowledge as they help change your life as you learn the craft of coding. Depending on your desired Program, you will code between 3-6 real projects that will become a part of your portfolio.

The curriculum spends a great deal of time to hone and develop your soft skills. In today’s employer environments you can be a terrific Software Engineer. With that said, the odds are against your success if you are missing communication, sound reasoning, presentation capabilities, empathetic listening skills,  and the ability to work in collaborative team environments. From day one, our Programs work to teach you both the technical and the soft skills you will need to be successful.

We accomplish that by having you work in pairs much of the time. Our hiring partners also tell us that pair programming is used extensively in the work place. Additionally, each of the curriculum in our Programs is structured to teach you how to think like a modern Software Engineer. This means we are constantly working to develop your reasoning skills to the point where you can begin to breakdown problems into smaller pieces and become keenly aware of the steps needed to come to a solution. Of course, those problems are resolved through coding and software engineering.

Throughout the Program you will learn to reduce your coding errors and communicate with others. You also will be educated on the principles of workflow and product management as well as implementation and deployment strategies. This will occur all within the dynamics of a team and its culture.

Whether you are a novice new to coding or have some prior experience, we have implemented the support and guidance into the Full-Stack Software Engineer Program and the JavaScript Web Developer Program that allows you to learn, excel, and most importantly compete effectively in the job market.

Lastly, our Programs provide each student with vital career training that includes resume preparation, how to effectively negotiate job offers, technical interview preparation and guidance. There also is professional presentation of both yourself and your individual, pair and group projects.

On day one, it is expected that you will be full speed until graduation. We are often asked how to gain acceptance to the devCodeCamp Program and what the ideal student looks like. Keeping in mind that each case may have variants as we recognize prospective students’ individuality, we select our students based on the following criteria:

The ideal student would have tried to teach themselves some basic level of coding or had some coding experience, although it is not required. What is required and expected is reasonable intellect, a calm manner on how you deal with setbacks and frustration, a personality that can get along with others, have a persistent kind of learning style, the ability to listen and comprehend other viewpoints, take direction, be part of a team, communicate your thoughts clearly, have the necessary energy for the Program, and be pleasant to be around.

What is keeping you from your next step to a solid career in coding? Let’s talk!