Inside devCodeCamp: Drew’s Story

My name is Drew Otteson here’s my student review…I am 22 years old and have been enrolled in devCodeCamp for about 3 months.  Before enrolling I had attended both a four year university and a technical college.  I have never been a fan of traditional education and the mountains of debt that come along with it.  I wanted a specific training and quantifiable skills that translated directly to the working world.  I wanted to learn and pursue a growing field with vast opportunity.  So when I heard about the program I was interested.  I was hesitant at first, it was a newer school and I knew nothing about the program and curriculum itself, so I scheduled a meeting with the staff.

I asked questions, talked with the instructors, met with some students, and asked even more questions.  I was convinced that this was a legitimate organization that wanted to help people succeed.  I still find that to be true today.  I’ve learned more in three months at devCodeCamp than I did the three years of college previous to this.  Since starting I have developed many essential career related and personal skills.  Managing time and juggling multiple tasks at once.  A much stronger work ethic.  Communication among peers.  The ability to think outside of the box.  Not to give up when experiencing failure.  And remaining cool under pressure.  The sky is the limit at devCodeCamp and I am stoked to be a part of it.