5 Things You Should Have Before Applying to devCodeCamp

Applying to devCodeCamp?

If you’re thinking about applying to devCodeCamp, you are on the right path to an incredible opportunity. The devCodeCamp model only works with the right student and the right instructional staff. If you have been to an info session to learn more about our coding bootcamp, you have heard this. It’s true, we are constantly on the lookout for people who are excited about the notion of solving problems. They are creative thinkers and incredibly passionate about the opportunity to gain skills to bring their ideas to life. Who will we transform from beginner to professional software developer? You. Of course, you need to bring some key traits to the table.

Let’s start with the instructors, which is half of our equation. When we built our team, technical abilities were an obvious requirement. However, we needed more. Empathy, patience, and a superpower ability to break difficult concepts into bite size pieces. devCodeCamp instructors have one goal: make our hiring partners happy. They are the top priority, not the student. To make them happy is to challenge our students, push and guide them until they can start to tackle difficult problems on their own. Hiring partners love that type of software developer. That is what we make.

On to the next part of the equation: you.

The five traits you need when applying to devCodeCamp’s Bootcamp:

#1 Resourcefulness

It is important that you bring in a curiosity. Maybe you don’t know anything about code. That’s fine. Do you like digging into problems or researching an issue? Almost all devCodeCamp success stories began with a person that loved asking questions and wondered “there must be a better way“.  Since we are creating problem solvers, you should bring the ability to tap into all resources in order to surface with a solution. Most importantly, you enjoy the process.

#2 Persistence

Software development is a series of failures until you get it right. In your mind this idea is just too good to give up when you hit a wall. Which way will you go? Developers are tenacious and persistent. The focus isn’t on the bug you are trying to fix. Your focus is on the idea, the solution and the belief that the bug will be solved. If you are someone that does not give up, we want to turn you into a developer.

#3 Aptitude

Nothing complicated here. Can you use your computer?  Have you dabbled online exploring code as a potential career path? Perfect.

#4 Drive & #5 Goals

Especially relevant to becoming successful at devCodeCamp are drive and goals. One doesn’t exist without the other. Your goal needs to be: “I want to be a professional software developer”. That is the goal you are driving towards. Our immersive bootcamp is perfect for someone who always has this in the forefront of their journey.

Is this you? Get started today in our online bootcamp. We take people from all walks of life and transform them into career ready software developers, data analytics, frontend developers, full-stack developers, and one of the many job positions in a thriving market.