Pokémon Go Players Need Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Pokémon Go is proving to be the most popular mobile game of all time. It has more active users than Tinder, Twitter, and most recently Facebook. Even more impressive, it is bringing in revenue at twice the average of casual games. All of this occurring in under a month of its release. The popularity is guaranteed to create one specific problem, which is increase the rate of automobile accidents. For that reason, Tesla and other automobile companies must continue pushing the creation of fully autonomous vehicles.

Recently in Auburn, New York, a car was totaled while the driver was playing Pokémon Go. This was not the first accident and it will not be the last. Since Pokémon Go’s release, cities all over the U.S. are warning drivers to “Drive Now, Catch Pokémon Later”. This is part reaction to existing accidents as well as anticipation for more crashes to come.

Tesla may have the answer

CEO Elon Musk has eluded that Tesla already has a plan to revolutionize how mass transit exists in the world as we know it. Plus, the company is pushing further for semi-autonomous vehicles, with a purpose of making them fully autonomous. Even with the Tesla Model S being involved in a fatal car crash last month, it does not appear the building of autonomous transport will slow down. In fact, the car accident further proves that fully autonomous vehicles are a necessity.

As of right now, there needs to be a DPGD (Designated Pokémon Go Driver) in order for friends to play while driving around a city. One could make the case that the passenger should be responsible for playing the driver’s Pokémon Go for them. However, most passengers may refuse due to wanting to focus on their own game.

Uber drivers have the right idea: get paid to drive Pokémon Go players from Pokéspot to Pokéspot. Essentially, the tour guide approach. Unfortunately, most players are not willing to rack up a large transportation bill every time they want to play Pokémon Go. On the other hand, sitting inside their own fully autonomous vehicle is a different story.

Pokémon Go the driving force

I know, it sounds ridiculous. There are many reasons for the need for autonomous transport, and Pokémon Go should not be high on that list. Anyone who plays Pokémon Go in public has already experienced an elder shake their head in disgust. Most people enjoy the game. Others simply don’t get it.

Even though it is unknown how long Pokémon Go will remain popular, there is no denying it has caused a global reaction at a level we have never seen before. It has affected people’s lives, businesses, marketing strategies, and transportation. Therefore, preparing for the long haul is ideal. That means implementing vehicles that will limit automobile accidents. Whether that is due to irresponsible driving or a direct result of Pokémon Go is irrelevant.