Pokémon Go Top Hot Spots in Milwaukee

Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game in U.S. history and has racked up more than $14 million in revenue. The Pokémon Go craze has attracted people of all types: gamers, non-gamers, businesses. The marketing aspect is what has many companies using the game to find a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, traveling to local stores and landmarks to catch Pokémon is what is fueling the game.

Exercise appears to be a big advantage to playing Pokémon Go. Riding a bike, going for a run, or simply walking is a quicker way to create opportunities to catch Pokémon. However, people are also finding innovative ways to capture Pokémon. Uber drivers are teaming up with Pokémon tour guides to bring players to city hot spots. This is a genius way to make money from a business perspective. It is also a creative way for players to hit up more Pokéspots and gyms at a quicker rate.

Milwaukee has already experienced the Pokémon Go craze to the fullest. Walking to the Milwaukee Public Market for lunch, spending a day at the zoo, or going for a run in a park guarantees meeting someone who is playing the game. That means marketing for business and enjoyment for gamers are not the only factors when it comes to playing Pokémon Go. There is an entire social aspect to the game.

For that reason, devCodeCamp decided to have a Meetup on Tuesday, July 19 to bring Pokémon Go fans together. It also creates the opportunity for devCodeCamp instructors to share their love of the game with beginner and advanced players.

To go along with improving the Pokémon Go community, it makes sense to compile a list of Milwaukee’s top Pokémon Go hot spots.

Milwaukee County Zoo

Although unproven at this point, it appears the Pokémon Go algorithm increases the amount of Pokémon to capture based on how many people are playing the game in a given area. It means the Milwaukee County Zoo is an obvious hot spot to play Pokémon. The Zoo has 30 pokéstops and four gyms.

Colectivo near McKinley Marina

People constantly walk along the lake front to capture Pokémon. That means at some point they are going to end up at the popular Colectivo by McKinley Marina. One Pokéspot is constantly being boosted. This stems from people sitting at the coffee shop and drinking beverages for long periods.

U.S. Bank

The U.S. Bank downtown does not initially come off as a Pokémon Go hot spot. However, Pokéstops located on every corner of the building means consistent action. This stems from a lot of foot traffic that leads players to boosting the Pokéstops.

Third Ward

The Milwaukee Public Market is the obvious choice to collect awesome Pokémon and stack up on supplies. Plus, there are countless Pokéspots and at least three gyms in the Third Ward.

Brady Street

There is nothing like grabbing a cocktail and playing Pokémon Go with friends on a warm summer night. Like the Third Ward, Brady Street has the inviting atmosphere for Pokémon players to sit outside and constantly boost nearby Pokéspots. The ability to lure Pokémon while enjoying someone else’s company can open the door for a great friendship.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Taking in fine art while catching Pokémon on the fly is what it is all about. Many Pokéspots throughout and the museum itself being a gym equals countless hours of fun. Even better, Milwaukee Art Museum Director of Special Events Krista Renfrew encourages players to play Pokémon Go on the museum grounds.

Veteran’s Park

Ever since the world of Pokémon Go was unleashed, Veteran’s Park has become one of the main places to be. Two Pokéspots located right on top of each other and five Pokéspots being boosted often is a recipe for success.