Why Everyone Should Learn How to Code

The ability to code will set a person apart from others when it comes to school, work, and even life. It is for that reason why everyone should learn how to code on some level.

Every day more employers are looking for potential employees who, at the very least, have an understanding of coding. To be able to talk the lingo of programming will instantly set a person apart from the mix. To be able to understand how coding works will in all likelihood directly result in a raise, promotion, or higher starting salary at a new job. Not all careers require coding knowledge, but more companies are requiring every newly hired staff member to understand programming.

Children must learn coding in school

It should be a U.S. law that schools must teach children how to code. And, the learning process should start as early as kindergarten. If children at four or five years old can use an iPad to play games or find a show to watch on Netflix, they most certainly can learn the fundamentals of coding.

Since children are already very passionate about video, computer, and mobile games, it only makes sense to make learning as fun as possible. The best way to accomplish this is for children to learn how to code by playing games. There is already a surplus of free resources as far as coding games go. However, no one has yet to make a great game that is guaranteed to teach every child how to code.

Transfer code knowledge to a high-paying job

It is no secret that software developers are in high demand. This stems from far too many jobs require coding, and there are not enough technical people to fill the need. When this happens in an industry, it results in high-paying jobs. There is currently an estimated $1 trillion in coding salaries that belong to vacant programming positions, according to the Council of Chief Information Office. For adults in the present day, it means learn coding as quickly as possible to get a raise. This can be accomplished through a coding bootcamp. For children, it shows that have a coding skill set is essential for successful future employment.

Build problem solvers

One of the major benefits of learning how to code is obtaining problem-solving skills. Whether it is children or adults learning coding for the first time, breaking problems down into smaller pieces is critical. This applies to coding as well as everyday life.

Learning how to code can be intimidating at first, especially for someone who isn’t strong at math. With that said, it is an essential skill to have, one that will become easier with practice. With so much exciting technology continuing to be released every year, the search for developers becomes more and more of a priority. Why wait?

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