How Playing Pokémon GO is Good for Users

The mega popular augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. The game has improved marketing for businesses of all kinds. Even more impressive, Pokémon GO has hauled in over $160 million in revenue. It is true Niantic Labs, the company that created the game, has taken some criticism. But, there is no denying the amount of good that comes from users playing Pokémon GO.

Some are quick to say the game is going to die down. That could be true. The amount of issues Pokémon GO has endured over the past week is enough to turn a lot of people off. However, there are still millions of people playing Pokémon GO, which means that Niantic Labs is doing something right.

Here are four reasons why playing Pokémon GO is good for users.

Real-life experience

There once was a time where playing video games was looked down upon. Teenagers and young adults tucked away in a dark room staring at a computer or television screen for hours. Bathroom breaks and a chance to eat were the only times to pause and experience real life. Then, back to the grind. What a gloomy picture that paints. Pokémon GO has changed the image quickly. People are no longer sitting in dark rooms, but rather, walking outside to play a game. Human contact with other people exists on a regular basis. It’s not a virtual world, but instead an augmented reality.

Plenty of exercise

One of the main reasons Pokémon GO is popular has to do with the exercise aspect of the game. In order to hatch eggs users must walk around their neighborhood, town, or city. Plus, the only way to get to Pokéspots or gyms is to walk up next to them. Try playing the game while sitting still and it will become boring quickly. The stereotype of video game players being overweight is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Other health benefits

Along with exercise, there are other health benefits to playing Pokémon GO. Studies show that fresh air and sunlight are very healthy for human beings. Oxygen is one obvious plus to being outside. Other benefits include improving your immune system and relieving stress. The great outdoors was already amazing. Pokémon GO makes it that much more enjoyable.

Improve economy

Businesses that took advantage of Pokémon GO in the early going of the game’s release saw an immediate boost in revenue. Many companies saw a quick way to get free publicity, which worked out in their favor. There are those who don’t agree with the marketing strategy. However, there is no denying that virtual reality and augmented reality will play a major role in marketing. Businesses have admitted to seeing an increase in sales. One example was the Milwaukee Art Museum claimed to see a rise in student summer passes, which they credit as a direct result of Pokémon GO.