What comes to mind when I talk about Milwaukee, Wisconsin? Cracking open a local beer, taking a stroll through the Third Ward, or chilly lake winds, most likely. And while all of these are certainly true, there’s one more term I’d like to offer that I think describes today’s Milwaukee pretty well.

“Tech hub.”    

I know what you may be thinking: Milwaukee didn’t pick up and move to Silicon Valley or New York, so there’s no way it can be a tech hub. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Milwaukee is quickly becoming not just a regional hot spot for technology, but a national one as well.

Don’t believe me? Check out this article in the Journal Sentinel. In 2017, the tech industry had a 27 billion-dollar impact on the local economy, driven by innovative tech startups across the area. I’d predict that 2018’s number is going to be even higher, and every year after will be higher than the last.

The incredible growth of the technology sector in Milwaukee didn’t happen by accident. Rather, it was through years of hard work and dedication by risk-taking entrepreneurs, investors, and educators working together to attract tech jobs, create new ones, and cultivate a strong local workforce.

Wisconsin Inno recently recognized the top 50 people, companies, and organizations who have helped drive Wisconsin’s exceptional growth in the technology sector, and devCodeCamp was honored and humbled to be included. But really, we aren’t the ones who deserve the credit: it’s the incredible work of our graduates who are making a real impact in our community.

Each and every day, students come through our doors hungry to learn and develop their coding skills, and we take pride in giving them the opportunity to unleash their inner potential. It’s people like that who are changing Milwaukee for the better, and who will continue to move Milwaukee towards being a national destination for technology and innovation.

This momentum isn’t going to slow down. Technology is becoming a larger part of our lives, and we’ll need more coders to keep up with demand. That’s why we do what we do here at devCodeCamp, and national media outlets are taking note. A recent story from Inside Sources recognized devCodeCamp and praised coding bootcamps, saying: “[coding bootcamps] offer students of all ages the opportunity to learn skills that impact every facet of the American economy, earn better paychecks while fulfilling much-needed career positions, and generate positive contributions to society.”

Here in Milwaukee, the positive contributions of our entrepreneurs and innovators can’t be overstated. As the 21st century continues to go digital, Milwaukee will be leading the charge to develop the world of tomorrow.

Soon, when you talk about Milwaukee, people will imagine someone developing cutting-edge software . . . while also cracking open some world-class local beer.