Dylan Schmidt wasn’t sold on the college lifestyle. Like many people, Dylan attended a four-year college in the hopes that he’d learn the skills he needed to pursue success in the job market as a software developer.

However, it didn’t take long for Dylan to realize that a four-year college wasn’t for him. He was learning too much fluff, when what he craved were the skills that would make him job-ready on day one.

That’s what led him to devCodeCamp.

If you haven’t seen our video of Dylan’s testimony, check it out Here:

“I took a shot in the dark with devCodeCamp,” Dylan said, “and I couldn’t have been more impressed at how much I’ve learned from it.”

At devCodeCamp, we offer full-stack web development training, meaning we don’t just teach you the basics – we teach you to be an expert. But even more than that, we teach our students a “mentality,” as Dylan put it. We want our students not only to be good coders, but to be innovators and leaders in the field.

Every day, we encounter students like Dylan – dreamers from all different backgrounds who want to make a difference in the world by developing cutting-edge software, but who feel disenfranchised by traditional higher education. Our mission at devCodeCamp is to help people reach their dreams without the time or financial burdens of traditional college programs.

And our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. This week, The Missouri Times published a piece describing how coding bootcamps make a positive impact on their students and their communities, and we were honored to be mentioned as a strong example. This speaks to the amazing results our students are achieving after finishing our program.

Here at devCodeCamp, we prepare our students for the world of coding by teaching them the skills they need in a fast-paced, fun, and informative environment.

Just take Dylan, for example. After graduating from devCodeCamp, Dylan landed his dream job as a software developer. No four-year degree necessary.

You could be next.