You’ve probably heard many stories about job-seekers who struggle to find work, but did you know that many employers are actually struggling to find job-seekers?

According to a recent piece in The Hillthere were seven million open positions in the U.S. this year – with tech jobs being among the most difficult to fill. It makes sense; our world is going digital faster than we ever thought possible, meaning there’s a huge demand for people who can make it all work.

However, before you can apply for most tech jobs, you need to be skilled in coding. I know what you may be thinking: “does this mean I have to get a computer science degree from a four-year institution before I can be a coder?”

The simple answer: no!

While getting a degree from a four-year institution is certainly an option for some, the traditional model is not up to the task of training enough people to fill all the open coding positions. That’s because traditional colleges are too expensive, time-consuming, or inconvenient for a lot of people.

As Katlyn Batts puts it in RedState: “With the cost of a college degree skyrocketing, students who would otherwise normally seek a college diploma are increasingly exploring other higher education alternatives.”

That’s where we come in.

Ever since we started, devCodeCamp has been shaking up the education field. Unlike traditional universities, which take years to complete and make you learn things you don’t need, we take a “short and sweet” approach. In just a few weeks, devCodeCamp teaches you everything you need to know about coding, so that you can get right to work in no time.

The devCodeCamp model is the best way to connect people with the jobs of the future. As Inside Sources notescoding bootcamps like devCodeCamp “offer students of all ages the opportunity to learn skills that impact every facet of the American economy, earn better paychecks while fulfilling much-needed career positions, and generate positive contributions to society.”

Being a coder means that you’ll have the opportunity to build the economy, and the world, of tomorrow. The jobs are out there waiting for you, all you need are the proper skills. At devCodeCamp, we’ll give you the skills you need AND connect you with eager employers.

That’s why I encourage you to enroll in devCodeCamp today!