By: devCodeCamp a proven full-time immersive code school with an audited 90% placement rate.

A part-time accelerated coding camp is tricky at best. It’s not a great fit for the vast majority of students as it’s painfully discouraging and ineffective in becoming a software or web developer hoping to make a career switch.

We get why part-time sounds like a viable alternative, not because it’s a good solution but rather: 

1) You fear you’ll end up unemployed if you can’t learn to code and you quit your job.

2) You need to pay bills 

3) Not wanting to change lifestyle and dedicate the real time it takes

Part-time code schools would have you believe that if you extend the time to say 24 weeks with 10-12 hours a week of class time you’ll achieve the same results. DevCodeCamp, for example, is 12 weeks and 45-50 hours a week plus students work on homework in the evenings and on weekends. Logic dictates that the 260 hours 24-week school students have just over 50% of the work that’s accomplished at DevCodeCamp. The question an employer asks is which student should be better prepared?

Part-time code school students after working 8-9 hours already have a difficult time focusing and having the required energy that learning something complex and brand new requires. We understand that you have great intentions but part-time is just that it’s part-time or secondary in your priorities. What happens when you must miss a portion or all of class because of traffic or your work requires you to stay late? How about the evening family events or your kids’ soccer game or a buddy you haven’t seen for ages wants to grab a beer?

Don’t get me wrong, it can be done, but many part-time code schools are riddled with many dropouts, wasted money and even if you do make it are you really as prepared as your competition when you’re out looking for that coding job and you have to compete with a DevCodeCamp grad that has 2X the hours and instruction then you do? 

Learning to become an employable software engineer is really really hard. Yes, we too believe that anyone can learn to code. But, it takes much more than a few evenings sprinkled over an extended time to really know your stuff and have demonstrable skills to get hired and not become bogged down in an imposter syndrome scenario. 

To get the traction needed to succeed and be part of a 90% job placement program you need to be coding hours each day and every day. In part-time many time s the instructor spends half your class time talking about the previous lesson because the majority of the class didn’t do the assignment because of work, being tired, family, friends, available time or they simply forgot. Remember the wise saying; penny-wise and pound foolish or put another way you get what you pay for. Important words when you’re thinking of investing in yourself and your years of future work and income.