When enrolling at devCodeCamp, it is immediately clear the amount of technical skills that students will obtain during their time at the coding bootcamp. The desire and passion to learn how to code is exactly why students come to devCodeCamp, but little do they know they will leave with a set of skills that will make them a high-value asset to a company.

devCodeCamp graduates will enter the work force with the necessary collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. They also will have a great work ethic and be resourceful enough to consistently aid in finding solutions to problems.

1. Collaboration

The ability to collaborate with team members is very important, especially amongst a group of developers, but is something that is not always easy to achieve. Students will work on paired as well as group projects to help them form tactics and execute strategies. More importantly, devCodeCamp is an environment that encourages making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. Whether it is using source control such as GitHub, coming up with a real-world business problem to solve with code, or giving each other peer reviews, collaboration is important in all facets of a business.

2. Communication

Communication is an invaluable skill that developers need to have to effectively get tasks done with other members of a company. As important as communicating with other developers is, the ability to communicate with management, human resources, sales representatives, and other roles in a company is equally as important. Not to mention, communication ties in perfectly with collaboration. Whether it is determining who is going to work on what part of a project or making teammates aware that changes will be pushed to a remote repository, good communication is the foundation of a well-oiled team.

3. Great Work Ethic

For the most part, students come to devCodeCamp with an already well-established work ethic. With that said, there is always room for improvement. The ability to meet deadlines on a consistent basis is important in the software industry, especially when working on sprints. That is why the double-digit projects students work on have strict deadlines. The ability to code quickly with efficiency is a skill that is developed over time, which is something students will have obtained at the end of the 12-week course. Not to mention, the addition of deadlines adds a healthy pressure to the learning experience that will pay dividends on the job.

4. Problem Solving

Of the five skills listed, the ability to problem solve just may be the most valuable. Students who enjoy figuring out the underlying structure of an issue, determining the best course of action to achieve a task, or breaking down a problem into pieces and coming up with an appropriate solution to the problem are great fits for devCodeCamp. When it comes down to it, being a developer is solving problems with code. Students learn how to initially solve a problem, and then how to solve that problem in code using their newly obtained knowledge.

5. Resourcefulness

A big part of being a professional software developer is knowing how to use resources to help solve problems. What once was thick manuals has now become the ease of the Internet. It is important for students to quickly learn how to use powerful search engine algorithms to their advantage to quickly find answers that will aid in the problem-solving process. Professional software developers use search engines every day, which is why it is important for students to learn how to use them effectively.