Capstone Projects

I want to talk to you about the capstone project. The capstone project is the final project that you do regardless of the course that you take, and it is amazing. What it does is it gives you the opportunity to bring your idea to life for your final project, and then show that project off to your family, friends, your classmates, the instructors, and most importantly employers, because ultimately that’s what employers want to talk about They want to talk about what is that big crowning achievement that you did as part of your bootcamp experience. Ultimately the capstone project is what sets you apart from all other bootcamp grads out there, as well as CS degree grads because it’s what makes you unique and shows off different skill sets that you bring to the table.

So ultimately the capstone is you coming up with the idea. Identify a business problem in the world that maybe you’ve experienced yourself or that you’ve seen. You come up with the idea, you come up with a solution, and then you pitch that idea to the instructors. The instructors help mold that idea. Then you’re going to go back and write user stories. Those user stories ultimately will become the features for that application. Once you have that approved, you will then go and drop a wireframe. You’ll build out the database, how you want your data to be stored on the inside of your application.

Now you’re going to start coding it on the technology of your choosing. Now, typically we want you to stick to something that you’re familiar with. That could be C#, .NET, that could be Java, Python, JavaScript, React, whatever it might be, or you could branch out and do something that maybe you’re not as familiar with, and you want to take the opportunity to learn something new.

This is all based on the conversations you’ll have with the instructors. But ultimately you’re going to dive into technology. You’re going to build out the application from the ground up, and then you’re going to present it to your classmates or the instructors.

From there, you can do it wherever you want with it. Ultimately, it’s a great talking point. It shows that you’re able to have really good problem-solving skills. Creativity. You’re able to identify business problems and build solutions and implement those solutions right in the actual application.

This is the final project you do at devCodeCamp. It’s really fun. It’s an awesome time and going to showcase a lot of your really great skills.