Coding Is An Art

Something that I have a firm belief in is coding is an art and developers are artists. And this is something that maybe you’ve heard before. Maybe you haven’t, maybe something you believe in, and maybe something you don’t and that’s okay, whatever your beliefs are in this.

But I truly believe that being a developer is just a modern art form and a modern artist. And coding is a modern art form. When you are building applications, you’re building something beautiful that other people can really appreciate. And ultimately, I feel like that’s what art is. And it’s also a way for developers to express themselves through their applications.

And when you’re building an application, you’re really focusing in on that user perspective, what is, what would it be the user experience with my application? That’s something that people really think about it. And I think most good artists when they’re painting or sculpting or whatever it might be. You ultimately think about the person who’s going to be looking at your art and really what their thoughts are. I think it’s, there’s going to be a level of I’m doing this for myself because it’s what I want to do, but I do also care about what other people think, and I do want to move other people.

So when it comes to coding really think of it as being this art form and as developers, you are artists because you are creating something really awesome. It’s going to be very helpful for a lot of people and something that people are really going to appreciate and also deliver feedback on, and something that you can build upon with that feedback. Ultimately this application takes on its own form, as it continues to grow and grow and grow just like art does.