devCodeCamp’s VP of Ops, Paul Jirovetz sits down with Alumni, Forrest Morrisey to talk about his devCodeCamp experience. We find out what devCodeCamp is really like.

Paul | devCodeCamp: What were you doing before, and what led you to a career in software development?

Forrest | Alumni: So before I got to devCodeCamp, I was actually a STEM and design educator here in the Milwaukee area. I wanted to build a better career for myself and to be able to take my skills and my knowledge and my talent and put it somewhere where I could have a bigger challenge. I wanted more ultimately.

Paul | devCodeCamp: Can you talk a little bit more about your online learning experience with devCodeCamp? The instructors, the interaction, and things like that?

Forrest | Alumni: devCodeCamp actually had already nailed it down pretty good, you guys had really good support? I never felt like I was kind of floating along on myself. There was a nice system or portal to be able to go day by day. I knew each day what the schedule was, the schedule was consistent. I knew the resources were right there. I knew what I needed to do that day. It felt like a good structure and a good system. Sure. I could’ve just sat on unemployment and taught myself on YouTube videos, but it wouldn’t have that support and that structure and, that motivation thatdevCodeCamp gave me.

Paul | devCodeCamp: Two of my favorite things are the group capstone and the solo capstone. Can you talk to me a little bit about your solo?

Forrest | Alumni: For my solo capstone, I challenged myself to do something that wasn’t a part of the curriculum. I said, okay, well, MERN stack is a big thing right now. This is going to help me get further along in my career, what’s more challenging than MERN stack. Well, let’s make an e-commerce site as well because let’s make things hard for myself. I created an e-commerce application for bike shops and in weeks I put together a site, cleaned it up, polished it. Here I am making a really complex MERN stack application front to back. Everything from the server-side database to the look and feel, all the UI, to making things mobile responsive, and then jumping back and being comfortable in doing so. And I’m really blown away that I was able to do that.

I was just wanting to hear what you guys had to say. And what I really saw was the reputation that devCodeCamp has. I talked to people who have gone to devCodeCamp, have experienced devCodeCamp, had good success with the program. You have partnerships with people in the industry. You?re not just some guy on the internet with YouTube videos. You?re, actually a community and you have connections with the larger community. It’s like going to college, except it doesn’t come with the burdens that a four-year or even a two-year program would have. And that’s really impressive.

Forrest Morrisey | devCodeCamp Alumni