A 10-Day sprint from concept to application. devCodeCamp Alumni, Robert Prellwitz walks us through his capstone presentation.

2020 saw a proliferation of new individual investors enter the markets through tools such as RobinHood and many of them are using options to leverage their investment opportunities.  Unfortunately, the tools available for managing these positions at the retail brokers are poor. Here is my 10-Day sprint I created as a devCodeCamp student to solve this problem.

My project seeks to provide position/risk management tools like those available to professional investors. Using Python and Flask I created an application that allows users to upload their current portfolio and see position exposure in terms of share exposure and volatility exposure-based on the Black-Scholes methodology.  Flask provides the user management/login process, market data is provided through python package Wallstreet and calculations are driven through Pandas tables using the Black-Scholes option pricing models.