devCodeCamp’s VP of Ops, Paul Jirovetz had a chance to sit down with Alumni, Ryan Lahman to find out what brought him to our Bootcamp and what his thoughts are on his experience.

Paul | devCodeCamp: Okay. So you are a person that’s a little bit different. You came in with some coding experience, you probably just grew up with code, didn’t you?

Ryan | Alumni: Not exactly. It was this year, like maybe sophomore year, I took an intro to coding class and it was like, you know, coding was pretty interesting at the time. I had three friends and we’re like, yeah, let’s just take this class. We all got in the same class and I was more expecting it to be kind of boring. We found another friend there and he and I kind of just took off with coding a little bit. We were a lot faster than the other people. And I just enjoyed doing it, even if I didn’t understand what I was doing in the end. I kind of understood. Hey, it looks pretty cool.

Paul | devCodeCamp: So talk to me a little bit about your experience with the team at devCodeCamp specifically during the course with your instructors and your classmates. Walk me through it. What are your thoughts?

Ryan | Alumni: Sure. So I definitely wasn’t expecting this kind of a bootcamp because I was more of a self-learner at the time. This was back in May. I was looking into bootcamps. I was starting to code a little bit more and I was on my break from work and I just wanted to look into something. So when I looked into devCodeCamp, I noticed the instructors, but I didn’t really understand it until I finally got into it. And that’s where it kind of, it felt like it was definitely a necessity, you know, having that one-on-one connection with the instructors. Because I would be… hey, I need a question answered at like, you know, maybe five-thirty or six, seven, whatever time it was. I would get a response almost instantly, or I would explain it, wait a little bit, which was understandable.

Paul | devCodeCamp: You are a legitimate, full-stack junior developer, that’s it. And I think any company out there would be lucky to have you. Somebody comes up to you today and says, I’m thinking about doing devCodeCamp. What do you tell them?

Ryan | Alumni: I definitely tell them, there’s no thinking, you know, going along self-teaching yourself is one thing, going into any code camp in general, especially devCodeCamp you’re going to learn a lot more, not just with coding, but with working with other people, specifically. I think that right there is key to being a very successful developer because you can have as much experience as you want. You can have 10, 20 years of experience, but if you don’t know how to work and communicate with other people, that’ll let you down in the team. That teamwork is what brings people together.