From Truck Driver to Coder: An Interview with Josh Grimaldi

From trucker to a developer. devCodeCamp’s VP of Ops, Paul Jirovetz had a chance to sit down with Alumni and Veteran, Josh Grimaldi to find out what brought him to our Bootcamp and how it led to his career in code.

Paul | devCodeCamp: Let’s start with the best news of the day. You’re a guy who just accepted his first software development offer. Let’s start at the end. What kind of job did you get? What are you going to be doing?

Josh | Alumni: I’ll be working with Clarion, which is proprietary software, so there’s not much documentation on it, but the reason they hired me is they’re going to be moving to .NET here shortly. So I’ll kind of be the go-to guy with the company. So excited! I’m very excited. Yeah. A little nervous, but yeah, excited.

Paul | devCodeCamp: What sort of experience did you bring into the camp? And where are you now?

Josh | Alumni: Before devCodeCamp, I worked very hands-on physical jobs. I was in the Marine Corps from 2008 until 2013. After that, I drove as a long-haul truck driver for a couple of years, sort of exploring the country. After that, it was railroad ranch work, all that. I went to devCodeCamp because I want it to show my children that you can make a living with your mind instead of your hands.

Paul | devCodeCamp: You are a veteran. Thank you very much for your service serving in the Marines. We love veterans in our camp because we know what sort of work ethic they bring. You had an opportunity to be able to utilize your GI bill. You could have gone anywhere. Why did you choose devCodeCamp?

Josh | Alumni: They were the best. I went on Google. I checked out the reviews. I’m big on checking out reviews and seeing what other students have to say. I talked to other students. I really did my research and devCodeCamp was the best of the best.