What Is Full-Stack Development?

If you ever heard of the term full-stack developer but wasn’t quite sure what full-stack means. This is the perfect video for you. Full-stack means that you understand both the front-end technologies and the back-end technologies and the database

So there’s the front-end developers and your back-end developers, there are your database architects, but then there’s also your full-stack developers. At devCodeCamp that’s really what we’re focused on is building full-stack developers. So for example, if you’re wondering, what would be a full-stack application? What’s a real-world example of that? Think about Amazon.

When you log into Amazon and you see all these different features, you see your profile, you see your shopping cart, you see all these different things that you can do with their application. You can search for items. You can add them to your shopping cart, you can make the purchase, you could watch movies, you can do all this stuff, right?

So the front-end part of that application is going to be what you, as a user can see and touch, right? I can see the webpage. I can see the search bar. I can see the ability to type something in. I can see that happening. I can click on an item, add it to my cart. I can purchase these items. Execute the shopping cart, make that purchase, you could do all these different things and how it looks, feels, and the user experience and me experiencing this application that is all the front end technologies. When it comes to full-stack, that is the front-end stack. That’s the front-end technology part of the stack.

The back-end is going to be what’s happening behind the scenes. So if I click sign in or sign out, if I click add to cart it’s going to take that product item, that data that’s associated with that item and behind the scenes is going to move it to my shopping cart. Once there, I can then go to that webpage. I can see my shopping cart. I can see everything that’s inside of it. If I click purchase, once again, triggering something behind the scenes that are going to allow me to input my credit card information and execute that payment, and ultimately ship these products to my location. So the back-end technologies are going to be what happens behind the scenes when you are clicking on things or interacting with the application.

Then of course the database is going to be what stores all the data. When combining the database, the back-end, and the front-end, this is full-stack, all these moving pieces. We have a few courses that teach full-stack development. There are parts of the course where we work on the front-end. There are parts of the course that are more focused on the back-end, and parts of the course are more focused on the database. But the goal is that when you leave the course when you are a graduate of any of these courses that teach full-stack development, you will be considered a full-stack developer.

That is definitely going to open up far more doors for you as you pursue a career in development.