devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight | Janelle Johnson Capstone

Janelle Johnson, a recent devCodeCamp student who has graduated our online coding bootcamp, walks us through her Capstone project. This is the big final project that the entire course leads up to. Where students are able to take their knowledge and new skillsets and create something from scratch in only a 10-day stretch of time.
In her own words:

After graduation I was nervous. Did I really know enough to get a job as a software engineer? How would I compete with students coming out of four-year university programs? Imposter syndrome is very real and unchecked it can be debilitating. The continued support from my career services mentors and learning that imposter syndrome affects developers at all points of their career helped. We all have that voice inside of us that tells us we aren’t good enough or that what we’ve done was somehow a fluke. Reminding yourself that the voice isn’t real, and just our own doubts holding us back helped. When I started receiving feedback about my projects it helped too. My code was clean. Real developers were impressed with what I did. I amplified those voices and reminded myself that my doubts were all lies created by my brain. It helped me keep positive for the most difficult part of my journey to software development. The job hunt.

All of the hard work with job searching came through about a month and a half after graduation I had been offered not one but two jobs. I accepted a position last week and officially have my first job as a software engineer. I’m doing something I never would have thought possible a year ago.

Janelle brought her “A” game with her 10-day capstone sprint. It led to multiple job offers. Creating real-world projects leads to a successful career in Web and Software Development.