Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Dobash Capstone

devCodeCamp Alumni, Kyle Dobash walks us through a video presentation of his 10-day solo capstone sprint.

For my 10-Day Capstone project, I built TAC Buddy. In the military, it is extremely common to see (especially among lower ranks) day-to-day tasks still being tracked using pen and paper. This is where TAC Buddy comes in. TAC Buddy was designed to automate monotonous daily tasks and make a life for the average soldier much less tedious. Technologies used include C#, ASP.NET Core MVC 5, ASP.NET Identity, SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Google Maps API, and more. TAC Buddy’s primary features are personnel & serialized equipment management, tactical map providing targeting data (utilizing MGRS), commonly used measuring unit conversion calculators, and radio communications templates.