You Will Learn To Learn

Something you’ll learn at devCodeCamp is a bunch of amazing technologies and these technologies are going to be super modern and relevant and honestly popular as well. But one thing we definitely don’t want is for your ceiling to be that technology when you leave devCodeCamp. I don’t want people leaving here being classified as just a JavaScript developer or just a C# developer or just a Python developer, or they only learned React and they can’t learn anything else. That’s not what I’m interested in at all.

Learn how to continuously learn is so important for your growth as a developer here at devCodeCamp and beyond devCodeCamp when you’re on the job.

We have so many students that end up getting jobs in technologies that we don’t teach her at devCodeCamp. That’s something that is really important. It’s really a testament to how we teach and how students learn, how they’re able to take what they do know and learn new things quickly. That’s a huge selling point for any company that’s looking to hire a full-stack developer. Ultimately that’s what you’re going to be. You’re going to be a full-stack developer who’s able to learn new technologies. Whether that’s mobile apps or frameworks that we don’t teach such as Angular, Vue, or learning C++, you will be able to do all these different things.

Even if you are in the first part of the course where you’re wondering, I don’t even know if that’s possible. It absolutely is possible because you’re going to learn so much stuff so quickly, and you’re going to learn how to continuously learn. That is such a big deal when you’re looking for jobs, as well as when you get on the job and work for a company. A very big selling point.