Project Based Learning

The best way to learn is by doing, which is why our project-based learning is the best way to learn how to code. So what we truly believe in is by diving in and coding all day long on different projects is the best way to gain the skills necessary to become a professional developer.
It’s one thing to read a textbook. It’s another thing to watch videos but until you actually start doing this yourself, you’re not going to learn it. What we believe in is giving you live lectures in Zoom, delivering these concepts, showing you some examples, having resources, like videos for you to go back and reference, but ultimately giving you projects right away to dive in and start coding. These projects are designed to reinforce the concepts that were delivered to you in the lecture. So it’s always good that during the lecture you’re paying attention, you’re taking notes, you’re asking questions, you’re seeing code examples, but then diving in actually doing it. At this point, it becomes that repetition of doing this stuff over and over again, which is exactly what we’re going to do throughout the entire course.

I think it’s really great that you’re going to know a lot about different terminology and different concepts and different technologies. It’s really cool to go on an interview and be able to answer questions like, what is dependency injection? Or what is a class? What is an object? It’s cool that you can define that, but what’s even better is where you could point into a project that, yeah, I know what that is. Here’s the definition, but this is exactly where I used that concept. It shows employers that you have this ability to actually do, opposed to just talking about it. Talking is great, it’s important, but it’s also equally important to be able to do the task as well. And ultimately that’s what people are interested in. That’s what people want to see, that you know how to do things. Throughout the entire course, you’ll have tons of projects to work on. Your final portfolio will have double-digit projects that you’re going to be able to put on your resume.

If you are struggling on a project we will have a great team of instructors there to support you. We’ll be there to do more one-on-one tutoring sessions to make sure that you get the direction you need and you get right back on task. And if you’re accelerating at the projects, we always have more advanced projects to give you. That’s going to be the same stuff that you were just working on it, but give you a little bit more advanced topics that you can continue to improve your skillset. Project-based learning is fantastic. We love it. We have had a lot of really great success doing it. And it’s something that you should look forward to doing.