One of the main questions I think whether you are going to get a college degree in computer science, or you’re going to your first coding bootcamp, or you’re on the job as a junior developer. A lot of what is on people’s minds is going to be what makes a good developer? Ultimately if I want to be the best, how do I become the best, and what are the attributes that most people identify as you’re a good developer because of these reasons.

devCodeCamp COO Michael TerrillThe way I see it, there’s obviously the coding ability, right? There’s that technical ability that you understand how to program, you’re able to identify things in programming and build out solutions with coding. That’s huge. There’s no question about it, but that’s not the only thing. I think problem-solving is really a big deal, critical thinking, being able to collaborate on projects with other developers. Communication is huge. If you’re not able to communicate effectively with other people, whether it’s on your team of developers or your seniors or people in the marketing and business side, graphic designers, if you’re not able to communicate even with the clients, that’s very possible. If you can’t do that. If you’re not able to communicate effectively, that’s definitely going to hurt your chances of becoming that good developer.

Having a positive attitude, being positive about the product that you’re working on, being positive enough to help other people on the team. Being positive enough to understand that, you know what, I’m making mistakes. I’m maybe not doing the best I can, but I can turn this around and I can do better. Positive attitudes are really a big deal as well. And so having all this kind of come together is ultimately what’s going to set you apart as a developer and make sure that you have a long career working as a developer.

At devCodeCamp that’s what we focus on. We don’t just focus on coding. Yes, that’s a big deal. That’s a huge thing. And you’re going to do it every single day. But throughout the course, we are very much going to focus on problem-solving, critical thinking, researching, communication, collaboration, having a positive attitude about your work and about yourself, and really caring about the product that you’re building.

So remember if you want to be a great developer, think outside the box. Don’t just think about the coding skills, but think about all the other things that contribute to that as well.