Why Learn MERN Stack

I want to talk to you about our web development course, which is one of our more popular courses. Specifically, I want to talk about the MERN Stack, which is the technology stack that we use in that course.

What is the MERN Stack? And why we selected it to teach it in this course. MERN is an acronym that stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. MongoDB is going to act as your database. Specifically, we use MongoDB Atlas, which is a cloud database. That allows us to do things with Mongo’s cloud services and really opens the door to cloud computing.

We then use Express and Node, combine that to be the back-end of the application known as the server-side. Node is a JavaScript environment that allows you to run server-side JavaScript and Express is what allows you to develop on top of node, which creates this web application framework. This builds the entire back-end of your web application framework. This allows you to do lots of really cool stuff behind the scenes.

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Now React is the front-end technology that we chose to build out the front-end of these applications. The front-end is what the users are going to interact with. When you go to Instagram or Walmart.com or Facebook or whatever it is, and you’re interacting with those applications, that is the React.js side of things that you’re interacting with. And funny enough, Those three companies I just mentioned all use React as a front-end. If you ever use any of those apps, you are actually interacting with React.js. React is super popular. It’s super powerful. Which is a big reason why we chose it. It’s growing in popularity. And a lot of companies are looking for React developers.

The reason why we chose MERN Stack for web development is that it is full-stack JavaScript. What that means is we have JavaScript code on the front-end. We have JavaScript code on the back-end, and this makes it for these languages and these libraries to interact with each other.
MongoDB is also just a NoSQL database, which is very popular with this stack. Whether using the MEAN Stack or MERN Stack, once again, MERN is what we’re using, you’re going to see a lot of similarities. And that’s the beauty of this is we’re not just going to teach to these technologies specifically, although that is something we are doing, it’s not the only thing we’re doing. We’re also teaching you how to be a well-rounded developer.

Collaboration, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, researching all of this is going to go into your coding experience and your coding environment. It’s how you become a really great developer. MERN Stack being such a popular stack that, like I said, Instagram and Walmart build their applications using MERN Stack. A lot of companies are looking to hire developers that know MERN Stack and JavaScript is continuing to grow in popularity. What better way than to know front-end JavaScript and back-end JavaScript.

I highly encourage you to enroll in our web development course and learn MERN Stack. We spend a lot of time with it going through the very beginning to the very advanced stuff. Building some awesome web applications, whether they’re individual projects or with a partner or as a group, and really understanding the difference between individual work and collaboration, where once again, all focusing on the MERN Stack.