Parag Agrawal: From Software Engineer to Twitter CEO

In the early morning of November 29th, talk began to circulate online on it being a potential newsworthy day in the tech world. Before it became afternoon, those rumors became official. Twitter CEO and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey took to the very platform he started to announce he was stepping down in form of a screenshotted email he sent to the company with the tweet captioned, “not sure anyone has heard but, I resigned from Twitter.”

In the email announcement, a name was scattered throughout. “Parag is CEO starting today,” he writes. Jack lays out a small backstory of who would be stepping into the role saying, “We have a lot of ambition and potential on this team. Consider this: Parag started here as an engineer who cared deeply about our work and now he’s our CEO (I also had a similar path…he did it better!). This alone makes me proud.” 

Who is Parag Agrawal?

It was only ten years ago when Parag Agrawal stepped into his new role of Software Engineer at Twitter. Even though he is a new household name starting this week for many of us, in the walls of Twitter he quickly became a recognizable face for his early achievements. Agrawal is responsible for the machine learning technology that was integrated into Twitter that improved user’s timeline algorithm to display more relevant tweets as they scroll. This advancement was highly praised among peers and is still used as the groundwork of what is used to this day on each of our timelines.


Since the beginning of his tenure, Agrawal was highly recognized as a top performer. Which got enough of Dorsey’s attention to place him as Twitter’s CTO. According to Dorsey’s resignation email, the board “ran a rigorous process considering all options and unanimously appointed Parag.”

 Dorsey will remain on Twitter’s board of directors until 2022.

What Agrawal’s Success Shows Us

The news of Agrawal has taken the internet by storm and his new job title is rightfully displayed in his Twitter bio. As an online web developer bootcamp, we find a lot of enthusiasm in this news, as well. We create courses that set up someone for success as a developer. Seeing Agrawal go from a Software Engineer position all the way up to the CEO of one of the largest social media applications of all time, fuels a lot of motivation within our walls. It’s a massive achievement to hold that title regardless of background. But for Agrawal to prove his value through intense dedication in his work, is inspiring because of what our coding bootcamp does.

Coding bootcamps carry intense workloads – having to teach someone from step one to professional level in a 14-week turnaround. Agrawal is now the golden standard of hard work paying off. And his hard work began in the exact same line of work we set our graduates up for. His success story is the perfect parallel in two ways. One being that talent and hard work, especially as a developer, results in real-time success. On an individual level but also the direct success of what is being coded. Secondly, it’s an exciting example of the endless possibilities that someone can have as a developer.

We’ve touched on what the future of coding may look like in a recent blog post. The obvious “super nova speed” that technology is coming out, will always crave that same demand for developers in order to keep up. Agrawal started as a Software Engineer and was talented enough to let his work shine bright enough to reach where he is today. With the right skillset and dedication, it’s exciting to think what you are capable of doing.

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