Celebrating Coding Graduates’ Success: November and December 2021

If you follow any of our social media accounts, then we’re certain you’ve stumbled on one of our posts in the last year where we’ve shown off one of our coding bootcamp alumni members getting a job as a full-time developer. The reason behind these posts are simple — it’s extremely exciting for all of us to watch the success of our graduates! Being able to watch a student come in on day one and then being able to post about them shortly after on social media about landing a job in coding is what it’s all about.  

Starting this now and more onward, we wanted to expand on those social posts. We are going to begin doing “wrap-up” blogpost to compile the success stories that have come out of devCodeCamp. The individual posts will always be a thing you see on our social timelines, but these compiled blog posts are a good way to show off that alumni success in one easy to read place. It also gives us another excuse to celebrate these wins together. 

Below is the list of graduates who have started or advanced their careers in the months of November and December. Along with these individuals, we wanted to congratulate all of the recent graduates who completed one of our courses in November and December! If you want to see some of their talents shown off, make sure to head over to our Youtube channel to see recent Capstone Projects from these students.  We are equally excited about the accomplishments of these students and looking forward to watching their continued success. 

November and December’s Success in Code:

Mike Peterson, Software Developer at Slingshot Data Labs

Coding Bootcamp success story


Jim Schenkelberg, Software Developer at Northwestern Mutual 

Coding Bootcamp full-time software developer


Kory Attleson, Software Developer at Hy-Vee 

Software Developer Bootcamp Graduate 

Maria Dinicola, Quality Test Engineer at Viasat 

QA Engineer code bootcamp success story


Dillon Baker, Software Engineer at Genuent 

Online coding bootcamp graduate  

Christopher Molitoris, Software Developer at Leading Path Consulting  

Software Dev Success Story


Alexander Messier, Software Developer at Messer Cutting Systems 

Code Bootcamp Alumni Success story


JohnPaul M. Anderson, Software Developer at American Solutions  

Online coding bootcamp graduate gets full time software developer job


Leighton Schmidt, Application Developer at Orizon Aerostructures 

Software and Application Developer coding bootcamp graduate


Alex Tucker, Internal IT Auditor at Enterprise Holdings  

Graduate success story


Martin Hartsfield, Developer II at ProMedica 

Virtual coding bootcamp graduate


Caleb Bartley, Software Engineer at Kemper Insurance  

Student of coding bootcamp finds success as full time Software Developer


Benjamin Bissett, Software Developer at Integrity Solutions 

Coding Bootcamp Graduate Success Story


Sierra ‘Midnight’ Paschall, Apprentice Sorcerer at WizardPig 

Online developer grad


Michael Herman, Software Engineer Apprenticeship at Amazon 

Coding bootcamp gradaute at Amazon 

Congratulations again! One of our biggest joys in what we do is being able to watch your success not only in our bootcamp – but after. 

If you are ready to begin your career in coding, we are ready to give you the skillset in as short as 12-weeks. Let’s talk!