What Happens After You Graduate a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamp success stories can be found plenty of places online such as review sites, social media post, blogs like this one, and unlimited things in-between. It’s easy to prove that bootcamps work. But what you may have trouble finding is what happens in the time period between graduation and landing a career as a developer. Some have instant success and are able to move straight from a program to a position. Some partake in the normal interview process and job hunt. Some simply just want to acquire a skill while working in another career. Regardless, the average graduate has a small gap of time from their final project to their next move. We wanted to answer any curiosity you may have about what that time may look like. In this article, you may be surprised how not all online coding bootcamp programs are the same. You will learn how that’s especially the case when it comes to our online coding bootcamp, devCodeCamp.

What Options Do You Have After You Graduate Coding Bootcamps?

After you successfully complete a bootcamp course, you have multiple options that best fit your personal goals and plans. If you went through a program just to acquire a new skill, then you obviously will have different following steps. But if you are in the majority of students looking to advance your career as a developer, then the steps that follow your final project are usually some of the most important. In the professional world, bootcamp graduates are taken serious in the interview process while searching for their job role in the field. In the modern internet age, having the ability to do the job usually always trumps how you obtained the skillset. We see that evidence time and time again.

Is There Support for Developers that Graduated from a Coding Bootcamp?

 When it comes to the steps following a student’s capstone project, we are as involved in the process as much as the starting steps. To simply put it – absolutely there’s support. We do that through a number of different ways all leading back to our internal Career Services department. 

What does devCodeCamp’s Career Services do?

  • Assist in crafting your resume to the best version to send out
  • Going over your LinkedIn profile and coach you on how to properly set your profile up for results
  • Connects and sends your resume to companies looking to hir
  • Educates you on how to navigate the industry and provides advice and direction on the job searching process
  • Creates an online portfolio page of you on our TechHire website
  • Alerts you of new jobs that align to your skillsets
  • Provides behavioral and technical interview prep
  • Discusses effective job search techniques
  • Invites you to be a presenter of our virtual graduate Demo Days where you get the opportunity to introduce yourself, show off your capstone project and answer questions to an audience of tech recruiters and employers searching for talented new developers

Below is a snippet from a recent meeting our Career Services had with 100+ students and graduates on how to properly set up your LinkedIn information and how the small details can go a long way. 

This internal team is intensely dedicated to your success as a new graduate. Keeping an ear close to the ground constantly in order to put you in front of employers and making sure that you are professionally the best version you can present yourself as.

This is a team that exist solely for the purpose to help graduates succeed. This service is provided with every single course we offer for no extra cost or needs to you. We believe there is a huge responsibility to continue your growth in a forward direction, even after you have officially completed our courses

The devCodeCamp Way

At the start of this post, we mentioned that “not all online coding bootcamps are the same.” It’s also something you can see us mention multiple times on things we have posted and created in the past. We stand by that and you. It’s more than teaching code. It’s helping the next generation of programmers who can make life easier, happier, and better for all of us using what you are able to create. To us, support after graduation is the only thing that makes sense for us to do because we understand the talent coming out of our virtual doors and what they are capable of. And truthfully, we are also always thrilled to have an extra reason to show off our alumni in the process. The current coding hire rates in the tech world proves that it’s an exciting time to learn a brand-new skillset and to take advantage of how online developer bootcamps can get you there.

We are able to transform your coding ability in as quick as 14-weeks. If you are ready to see firsthand how not all bootcamps are the same, then we are thrilled to show you what your options are. Reach out now.