devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: Veteran Launches Career in Code in 30’s

Whenever one of our coding bootcamp alumni members lands a position as a developer after graduation, it reminds us through celebration why we do what we do. It’s one of those things that never grows old no matter how many times a week we end up getting the news. Matt Keplinger was no exception. As the news about him landing his first job as a developer after graduation is still recent, we could not think of a better person to speak to for our newest Alumni Spotlight series contribution.

Matt’s story of triumph is one that could bring a smile to anyone. After he exited the military due to an unexpected injury overseas, he found himself in an unplanned situation in his early 30’s. “When you hear everyone tell you, ‘you’re not going to be able to do this…you’re gonna have a hard time doing this’ and they’re just teaching you how to file the paperwork to get handouts….you know, that’s not the kind of person I am. So, I was determined I was going to do something, if anything,” he said to me during our conversation regarding that time in his life. And doing something was exactly what he did.  

He proceeded to pursue a higher education to not only better his life and further his career, but to also challenge himself. He realized he needed to start at step number one in his life all over again. Earlier in his life, he dabbled in programming languages and found that same interest in it years later. It was a natual selection to choose for him when trying to decide where he wanted to take his education and hopefully a full career.

In a single year’s time, Matt graduated college and a few days later began his devCodeCamp journey. His impressive drive allowed him to complete our online coding bootcamp and graduate with an expert level of coding ability along with it. Recently, he accepted his full-time opportunity as an IT Applications Developer and is on his way to a long a successful career in code.

Hear this veteran’s full coding bootcamp success story in this devCodeCamp alumni spotlight video!