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The Perks of Learning Code in 2022

Code is the invisible force around us running the behind-the-scenes technology in our everyday life constantly. It’s hard to be somewhere that doesn’t have at least a few lines of code running in a nearby distance. We live in a world fueled by modern day technology. And with more and more “latest and greatest” coming out every month in tech, the dip in speed is nowhere in sight. Developers are in a constant need to help write the future we live in with new great pieces of technology, while the demand is still presently high for those able to maintain and upgrade the current tech available.

But using the technology and writing the technology are worlds apart from each other. Skill wise plus interest wise. Being interested in tech can naturally lead to wanting to become a developer – and does all the time. But there’s still plenty of people who use their phone every waking minute in their day and have zero desire to be on the backend writing the operating system and applications. For the latter, finding a reason to learn to code may be a bit of a stretch on the surface. But regardless of which group you personally fall into, someone actively pursuing becoming a developer or just a general tech user who has no interest in coding, it doesn’t change the fact there’s plenty of perks in learning how to code in 2022 (and beyond.) Even if you are not wanting to switch a career – the perks attached to learning code are very present. In this blog post, we lay out why it’s worth your time, personally and professionally, to develop new skillsets that you can carry with you into the bright nearby future of tech.

The Demand and Pay

If you are one of the ones wanting to take advantage of becoming a developer in today’s technology climate, now is truly the best time to do so. With lucrative starting salary averages and demand predictions rising 22% in this decade alone (according to Bureau of Labor Statistics), learning how to code is statistically a great move for anyone wanting to launch a long career.

Faster and Better Everyday Skills

Learning how to code offers benefits outside your monitor, too. Learning code gives you the ability to have stronger problem-solving skills, rewire your brain into being more analytical, faster at breaking down complex situations and questions, and even can boost your creativity levels. All of these skills are attached to the daily workload a developer might deal with. Writing code and using the skills naturally become a part of your processes off the screen easily.

Fix Things Yourself

As a developer, your days of calling tech support are long gone. If one of your favorite pieces of tech you use stops performing like it should, you have an entire toolbox to open up and dissect the problem yourself. If being a super coding genius gets boring, maybe play a game to see if you can race to fix something before customer support takes you off of hold. Talk about a great party trick to play with your friends (but also, they probably need you to come over afterwards to take a look at some tech they have that hasn’t been turning on. Super genius plus superhero. The ultimate win-win.)

Play a Direct Part in the Future

Regardless of what company you join on the development team, you have a direct part in defining the future of that company and their products. That can be something small scale and local or you could be working on rockets to transport people to Mars. Your work on the code helps lay a pathway to success — large and small.

Anyone is Able to Learn How to Code

Finally, anyone is able to learn how to code. In an industry very open to how you get the job done compared to who is getting the job done, being accepted regardless of background may benefit you greatly on your personal journey. For example, we recently discussed if it’s “too late” to become a developer. The answer is a massive no. The tech industry is very accepting to anyone who has the skillsets they need to get the job done.

Luckily, there’s many ways to learn how to code the correct way. At devCodeCamp, our online coding bootcamp is built from the ground up with your success as the primary focus. We transform students by giving them the needed skillsets to learn the correct way and the correct information to launch their career as a developer. There’s plenty of perks and reasons to learn how to code in 2022, and beyond.

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