7 Ways Coding Can Better Your Life Right Now

There are many reasons someone may choose to become a developer. Whether it’s to pursue a career or to simply gain new skillsets to enjoy as a hobby, your life may have some new positive aspects to it all because of code! In this blog post, we wanted to highlight 7 ways coding can better your life almost instantly.

Get a High Paying Job

One of the largest ways coding can better your life is by giving you a career as a developer with your skillsets. It’s not rare for someone to shift job industries and boost their pay up large amounts by doing so. For example, a 2021 survey of devCodeCamp graduates showed they make an average $23,000+ more a year than they did in their previously held job before attending our coding bootcamp. For an industry skyrocketing in constant demand, that pay boost makes complete sense. There’s a demand and your coding ability is the supply. And with more and more large companies deciding to move their teams fully online, now is a great time to take advantage of a remote job position at an opportunity you may not have had a few years ago.

Shift How Your Mind Works

We’ve spoken before on the many benefits you obtain off the screen when you know how to code. Your mind shifts as a whole and the talent you have as a developer starts to show up in other daily tasks. Stronger memory, faster problem-solving skills, and being able to breakdown complex problems with an analytical mindset are just three key ways you could begin seeing differences in everything you do. The one main skillset of writing code turns into a large list of benefits you get attached to it.

Always Growing Your Skills

Something enjoyable about learning how to code is there’s no finish line. The possibilities you have to continue growing as a developer are truly endless. Even if you feel like you have become an expert in one coding language, you have the option to start over and learn a new one to an expert level. There’s an estimated 700+ programming languages. You will never run out of new ones to learn.

The ceiling is completely open when it comes to how high developers can aim for. Regardless of it you have a personal or professional interest in becoming an expert developer in all 700+ programming languages or perfectly happy with the knowledge you already have – there’s still an unlimited amount of growing and creating that can be done.

Prepares You for The Unknown Future

Being able to adapt instantly at the unexpected is a large part of any developer’s daily task. But once again, that expert level of pivoting can be used to your advantage during the unpredictable. It can also help you in your job role. Being able to constantly stay one step ahead and adapt as an employee to the upcoming change. With new programming languages continuing to be made and technology continuing to advance, you’ll be able to accept the unknown with open arms. With that mentality and skill, you can tackle learning new things as you need to in order to keep up and shine in your job role.

Grow Your Friend Circle

The world of technology is massive. The millions of people who work on something tech related are not hard to find. Because of that, growing your friend circle is easy to do. Finding like-minded individuals who share the same hobbies and interests as you wouldn’t require a lot of searching. You may even be able to bounce ideas between the friend circle or give beneficial advice to each other in coding related discussions.

Able to Accept Challenges Easier

Developers are used to challenges. Whether it’s tackling errors in lines of code or facing an ambitious task, challenges are a large part of a developer’s life. Those challenges overtime become second nature. You may find yourself becoming quicker at cracking them and calmer in those (sometimes) tense situations. Going through those challenges can grant you confidence in approaching hard tasks easier – on and off the screen. Once you’ve been able to navigate obstacles time and time again, before long you will be shrugging them off and approaching them with excitement to get on the other side of it.

Have Fun and Doing What You Love

It isn’t very often where someone is able to say they love what they do for work. A lot of times, it’s simply just an avenue for a paycheck. But for developers, they have figured out a way to take their passions and turn them into potential long careers in high paying roles. Even having coding as a hobby is satisfying because of the benefit of creating and fixing things through code is a rewarding process. The engaging nature of the work, the problem-solving element in every line you write, the instant gratification of seeing your work come to life…there’s hundreds of reasons developers can love the process. Being able to do that for a full-time career, a side hustle, or simply just a hobby allows you to be in a percentage of people who can say they are lucky enough to have something like coding in their daily lives to give them those same rewards.

Learning how to code or learning new programming languages doesn’t have to be hard to figure out. Our online virtual coding bootcamp courses can give you those hirable skillsets you need in as short as 12 weeks. Better your life now. Reach out.