Which Coding Bootcamp Course is Best for You: Flex vs Part-Time

So, you’ve narrowed down your search and you’re ready to take the first step towards launching your career as a full-time developer by taking an online coding bootcamp course. Only problem is…your current schedule won’t allow it to happen. Between your current work schedule, dropping your kids off at school, running errands, tending to hobbies, and everything in between – there’s simply sometimes just not enough hours in the day. We’ve all been there. Some days, your head hitting the pillow on your bed at the end of a long day is the first realization it’s the first time you stopped since leaving the same place that morning.

But why should that prevent you from achieving success in an online coding bootcamp and hold you back from becoming a developer? At devCodeCamp, our answer is simple to that question…it shouldn’t. That’s why we have two courses designed specifically to fit your busy schedules a bit closer. Allowing a few different options to still get those needed skillsets and launch your career. Those two options are our Part-Time Bootcamp and our Part-Time Flex Program. In this blog post, we want to go over the two courses and share the details into what they look like as a whole, what to expect, and how one of these options may be the exact opportunity you’ve been searching for.

Part-Time Flex Bootcamp Course

What is the Part-Time Flex Bootcamp Course?

The Part-Time Flex Bootcamp offered by devCodeCamp is designed for complete flexibility on your end of learning. It’s a self-paced course option that doesn’t put a priority on deadlines. It gives you freedom to “come and go” when it’s best for you during your busy week.

Just because the course is setup to be self-paced, doesn’t mean the lessons are downscaled or less informative. You get the entire coding bootcamp experience we offer in our full-time courses, just on your own time. As you move through lesson modules on your online student portal, you will be met with full instructor lesson videos that are engaging and informative, just how it would be if you were seeing it presented live. These videos are specifically created and edited for the Flex Course. And just because its self-pace doesn’t mean you’ll be left on your own completely…This bootcamp course offers instructor support, mentorship and feedback along the way to make sure you’re on track for the most success at the end. It also offers career services support to make sure you are armed with the skills you need to get a job as a professional developer.

Would the Part-Time Flex Bootcamp Be Best for Me?

The course was setup with a complete understanding that people are busy in their lives. We don’t think the things that are important to you should be placed on a complete hold as you pursue your career. If you are someone who works long hours, juggle daily routines involving children, have things filling up your calendar weeks in advance, or simply just someone who enjoys working on lessons throughout the night – the Part-Time Flex course was designed with you in mind. Pick up where you left off, complete chunks of lessons at a time, spread the work out over a few days, complete lessons on your lunch break at your current job…whichever, whenever, and however you work best, this course is ready for you.

Part-Time Evening Coding Bootcamp Course

What is the Part-Time Coding Bootcamp Course?

The Part-Time evenings Bootcamp course is designed for a more conveniently scheduled class presented in a more traditional coding bootcamp setting. These classes are set in the evening time and are presented live from instructors going over the lessons with you and answering your questions in real-time. This is a 14-week course that gives you the same amount of knowledge and hirable skills that you would expect to walk away from after you graduate, just on a part-time evening routine to better fit your schedule.

Would the Part-Time Coding Bootcamp Be Best for Me?

Similar to our Part-Time Flex Bootcamp course, the Part-Time course is designed for flexibility to achieve your career goals without having to trade out your daytimes for class. This course has a structure similar to our Full-Time course being able to participate in live lectures, daily stand-ups, review sessions, impromptu code one-on-ones with instructors, and full access to pre-recorded lectures and demos.

This course is best if you need a way to have the flexibility of part-time evenings while still getting all the perks of the live classes.

How Do I Enroll in an Online Coding Bootcamp Course?

One of the most challenging parts in pursuing a higher education is narrowing down exactly what would be best for you. At devCodeCamp, this is something we completely understand. We are here for you every step of the process. In the starting steps of answering questions, you may be curious all the way up to after graduation where we offer Career Services. Your success is the main goal for us.

If you would like to discuss more details in what one of the classes, or our coding bootcamp in general, can offer you then schedule a call now with our Admissions team. Our personable team of experts are here for you to help these starting steps go as smooth as possible. If you believe you have enough information and ready to take one of our courses to launch your career in coding, then we can assist with that easy procedure to get you in one of our upcoming classes.

Reach out today if you are ready to launch your career from one of our Full-Time, Part-Time, or Self-Guided Part-Time Flex Coding Bootcamp.