Announcing the Official devCodeCamp Coding Bootcamp Podcast

Over the past years of uploading videos consistently onto our Youtube channel, we knew that our video content had a home. But with everyone constantly busy and on the go, we found ourselves asking how our content can live outside of video form in a world so heavily accepting of the convenience in multitasking. The decision was an easy one to make. Introducing the official devCodeCamp Podcast!

Each month, we will be sitting down with industry experts, devCodeCamp team members, and also posting our extensive video catalog such as past and future Alumni Spotlight interviews conducted. The podcast has two main goals we hope to achieve through it: Having a more convenient way to consume our content overall and a way to expand our content library with an exciting guest list contribution.

Where to Listen to the devCodeCamp Podcast?

As of right now, we have one main hub for the podcast that lives on our Buzzsprout. On there, you are able to see the newest episodes posted and the full list of platforms you can tune in to. All episodes are uploaded to all listed platforms same day. So, pick whichever your favorite is and catch each new episode on there! Along with that, we will be posting a blog post discussing each new episode we release with a rundown of what that specific conversation looked like. Don’t worry, we’ll save all the best parts for you to hear. These blog posts will also be going out on all of our social media accounts. But the absolute easiest way to stay linked in and be one of the first listeners, is by subscribing to the podcast on the platforms you prefer. Another way to make sure you don’t miss an episode is by subscribing to the devCodeCamp blog. You can do this by scrolling to the top of the devCodeCamp’s main blog page or by scrolling to the bottom of each blog posts’ page. That way you receive an email every time we release a new blog post. In the near future, we are excited to continue expanding where you will be able to listen.

Listen to the devCodeCamp podcast now!

We are thrilled to have you as a listener and looking forward to you all hearing the future lineup of guests filled with insights, interesting topics, and a conversation that is easy to enjoy. Below, you will be able to find a recent Alumni Spotlight interview in case you missed it. Keep your eyes peeled, brand new episodes are on their way.