devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight | Clint Robertson Interview

Clint Robertson, a graduating student of devCodeCamp’s online coding bootcamp, sits down with Paul Jirovetz to discuss his time in the program. Clint’s impressive coding skills can now be found working for Amazon. Watch the full interview video below!

Paul | devCodeCamp: What were you doing before devCodeCamp?

Clint | Alumni: Before I came to devCodeCamp, I was actually a cybersecurity professional. I did that for about one year and previously before that, I was in the US Air Force for 10 years.

Paul | devCodeCamp: So what made you decide to pursue code?

Clint | Alumni: It’s always been a passion of mine. I always thought it was neat. How you have the ability to create things. You can come up with an idea and you can create that. And that always just really stuck out to me. Security was fun, but I never had that flexibility to create ideas I had. So that’s why that’s what led me to software development.?

Paul | devCodeCamp: Somebody comes up to you today and says, devCodeCamp. Should I do it? What do you tell them?

Clint | Alumni: Three things. The first thing I would tell them, you should do it. If you want to better yourself or more opportunities for your family. The second thing, I think you should do it if you have a passion for technology. The third reason I would tell them to do it, if they’re comfortable, always constantly learning. devCodeCamp is just the first step, but in software development, you’re constantly going to be learning and you have to be okay with it. So if you’re okay with those three things, I’d tell them, go for it.