Celebrating Coding Graduates’ Success: January and February 2022

A few months ago, we made a blog post ending the year highlighting the success of then recent devCodeCamp’s coding bootcamp graduates who launched their career in code and became developers. As mentioned in that original article, this is something we want to start regularly doing. Well time has officially been flying by and here we are two months later ready to catch you up on everything our graduates have been achieving.

This list is made of recent coding bootcamp alumni members who became developers. But we have a place dedicated to recent graduates who have not launched their careers yet. Over on our student online portfolio website TechHire, you can dive deep into talent who are searching for employment. On TechHire you can see details on the graduate, watch their final 10-day sprint Capstone project, and ways to directly contact them. If you are searching for exciting new talent in tech, this must become one of your frequent stops.

If you follow any of our social pages, then you may recognize a few of these faces — since we announce every graduate win on our social media profiles. Frankly, it’s something we love doing since it’s a way to spotlight those individuals on finding success after graduation. Which is something that is impossible to get old for us! When it comes to January and February…our graduates have been pretty busy. Enjoy this compiled list of those are have officially launched their career in code!

January and February’s Success in Code:

Matthew Taylor, Solution Developer at WaterField Technologies

Before devCodeCamp: Visual Effects Freelancer┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

coding bootcamp success

Gavin Corkery, Full Stack Developer at AMI

Before devCodeCamp: Sales Associate┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

coding bootcamp full stack developer

Justin Campbell, Software Developer at Aelsig Consulting

Before devCodeCamp: Assistant Coach┃Previously dabbled with code: No

coding bootcamp veteran graduate becomes software developer

Amanda Domer, Associate Software Engineer at Northwestern Mutual

Before devCodeCamp: Administrative Coordinator┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Online coding bootcamp devCodeCamp graduate who has successfully launched her career in code at Northwestern Mutual

Eric Lee, Software Engineer I at NAIC

Before devCodeCamp: Night Computer Operator┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Eric Lee graduates from devCodeCamp's remote coding bootcamp and becomes a Software Engineer

Jianying (Jenny) Kinnard, Software Engineer at SkyGen USA

Before devCodeCamp: Talent Acquisition Coordinator┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Another woman in code thanks to devCodeCamp!

Jenelle Vytlacil, Software Engineer at GalaxE.Solutions

Before devCodeCamp: Training Supervisor┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Jenelle graduated devCodeCamp's coding bootcamp online and became a Software Engineer

Matt Keplinger, IT Applications Developer at Gulfstream Aerospace

Before devCodeCamp: System Analyst┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

Veteran launches career in code after coding bootcamp

Watch Matt’s devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight video here

Jorge Carranza, Software Development at GalaxE.Solutions

Before devCodeCamp: Driver┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Coding bootcamp success story

Josh Hoey, DevOps Software Engineer at Lemans Corp

Before devCodeCamp: Not working prior to devCodeCamp┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

Remote online coding bootcamp graduate launches career in code as DevOps Software Engineer at Lemans Corp

Luca Leyva, Software Engineer at MercuryGate

Before devCodeCamp: Agile Coach┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

Another Vet in Tech!

Joshua Berrios, Software Developer/Video Creator at Soflyy

Before devCodeCamp: Data Entry Operator II┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

Another online coding bootcamp success story!

Devorris Russell, QA Automation Engineer at Total Quality Logistics

Before devCodeCamp: Customer Service Representative┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Another career launches in code thanks to devCodeCamp

Joey King, Application Developer role at Centuri Group

Before devCodeCamp: Truck Driver┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Joey King launched his career in code after attending devCodeCamp's remote coding bootcamp course.

Luke Young, Software Developer at Alta Ski Resort

Before devCodeCamp: US Navy┃Previously dabbled with code: No

A Software Developer online coding bootcamp launches career.

Steven Halla, Quality Engineer at Black Horse

Before devCodeCamp: Self Employed┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

Another Quality Engineer career launched after Steven attended devCodeCamp's online courses.

NiGeanya Hawkins, Software Engineer at HubSpot

Before devCodeCamp: US Army┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

devCodeCamp graduate success story attended coding bootcamp and found success after graduation by launching career in code as a Software Engineer at Hubspot.

Danielle Allen, Software Developer

Before devCodeCamp: Social Media Designer┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Developer success story!

David Carruthers, Software Engineering Senior Analyst

Before devCodeCamp: IT Specialist┃Previously dabbled with code: Yes

Coding bootcamp success story launches career in code.

Dillon Coleman, Software Development at FDM Group

Before devCodeCamp: Rideshare Driver┃Previously dabbled with code: No

A happy graduate after becoming a full-time Software Developer after attending online coding bootcamp.

Jacob Haustveit, Web Developer at Aermor

Before devCodeCamp: Marine Electrician┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Web Developer starts his career in code because of remote code bootcamp success.

Treveon Edwards, Software Developer

Before devCodeCamp: Customer Service Representative┃Previously dabbled with code: No

Another huge success story in tech!

Josué García, Junior RPA Developer Analyst at Firstsource, USA

Before devCodeCamp: IT Support Desk Representative┃Previously dabbled with code: No

devCodeCamp graduate Josue Garcia launched his career as a Developer Analyst after attending the online code bootcamp courses.  

Congratulations to everyone mentioned in this blog post and listed on TechHire. We have celebrated each and every one of these deserving wins and we hope that electric celebration extends to those reading this blog post.  

If you are ready to launch your career in code in as short as 12 weeks, reach out. We are excited to potentially see your name in an upcoming blog post real soon.