What Makes a Good Developer: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Last year, devCodeCamp’s now COO Michael Terrill created an informational video on what exactly it takes to be a good developer. Programming languages and technology will always be advancing in what they are capable of doing. Being a good developer overall can simply be just keeping up with that ever-changing world of code and unpredictability. As the tech evolves, so do the developers with what they need to have in their skillset toolbox. But there’s a few qualities that stay on the ground level of a developer’s role. Those foundational things are able to set up a developer for the most success long-term. In this blog post, we dive into Michael’s video and discuss the key points that play a part in defining what makes a good developer.

How to Become a Great Developer in 2022 and Beyond

Have the Technical Ability to Code

Starting off, it only makes the most sense to list this quality as the number one step in what it takes to become a good developer. Having the technical ability to do your job task day-to-day plays a huge part of being the best developer you can be professionally. Being able to pull your workload’s weight without hesitation is a massive step forward in the process. If you have the experience and knowledge in the programming language you spend the most time coding during the day, then you’re starting off in the perfect spot to mold into becoming a good developer.

Be an Expert Problem Solver

Being able to properly write the code is a large factor in how well you become in a role such as Software Developer or Web Developer. But even the very best developers in all of history still ran into their fair share of random issues during the coding process. A single small mistake can result in the entire weeks of work to not properly run as planned. That error in the code could be as small as making a typo all the way up to having to rebuild from scratch. Being able to problem solve those pivots more thoroughly and quicker in order to pivot the unexpected is a crucial skill needed in order to be the best developer you can become.

Have a Critical Thinking Mentality

Having a data driven mind is a quality often seen with top performers in many industries. As a developer, it’s an absolute must have. Analyzing problems and solutions on a large scale, correctly spending your time in the right areas of the process to stay on the needing pacing towards deadlines, and making thought out decisions in potentially small windows of time are all contributors to the critical thinking mentality developers have to offer with their skillsets in code.

Being a Team Player and Master Communicator

One of the most important qualities good developers must have to reach that star status to your peers is the ability to openly and effortlessly communicate. It’s more than just discussions about the projects on a high level. As a full-time developer, teamwork is a concrete resource any successful developer department understands is a key to success. The importance of good communications even goes into the small behind-the-scenes details of the coding itself. Where developers often leave notations throughout to assist others who may deal with the code later on. Outside of the actual teamwork and coding aspects, there’s also the communication with clients and project leads where details and collaboration fuel the results intended by the end.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Sometimes pouring hours into a code just to see a sea of error messages pop up by the end can be incredibly disheartening for even some of the best developers. Maintaining a positive attitude and drive towards turning around the problems and executing a working code in the end is a monumental element that defines the difference between a good developer and an average one. Along with that, having the positivity to be open to feedback in general, helping others on the team during possible stressful times, and working towards a higher skillset overall are all components into why keeping that “glass half full” mentality plays out in real time and proves to be more than just an age old saying.

Combining it All

When a developer has all of these qualities come together, they naturally rise to being a noticeably better developer with every project they are attached to. As you’ve read in this article, being the best developer you can become has more to do with the ability of how well you are able to write the programming languages. There are many important contributions you must obtain in your work in order to truly have the entire package needed to reach those top levels and being a great developer.

At devCodeCamp, our online coding bootcamp courses are structured for your most success in launching your career in code. We fully understand in order to be a great developer, it takes more than the technical skills. That’s why everything mentioned in this blog post are another focal point during our programs. The importance of having a collection of qualities is the very best way to become a great developer and take your coding skillsets to the next level.

“So remember…if you want to be a great developer, think outside the box. Don’t just think about the coding skills. But think about all the other things that contribute to that, as well.” – Michael Terrill, devCodeCamp COO

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