How devCodeCamp’s Coding Bootcamp is Built for Your Success

In the last decade, coding bootcamps have become a top option in the higher education discussion. Specifically, for those wanting to get the skills they need in order to launch a career as a developer in the thriving technology industry without having to go the traditional college route racking up potential large student debt and dedicating years to the learning process. With online code bootcamp programs, hopeful students are able to come in with limited previous coding knowledge and in as short as 10 weeks graduate prepared to walk into a full-time Software or Web Developer role. Because this formula has shown time and time again that it works for graduates landing careers in code, the rise of coding bootcamp options have grown significantly.

With so many options to pick from, we wanted to highlight how not all coding bootcamps are the same. Picking the correct one to enroll can be a large decision for you that can literally change the entire course of your future. That’s why we wanted to put the spotlight on devCodeCamp. From our very first encounter leading up to the road after graduation and into a job role, devCodeCamp’s number one goal is your long-term success. Everything we do, we do for you. In this blog post, we will discuss some of those devCodeCamp differences and walk you through how our coding bootcamp is built for your success.

What does devCodeCamp teach?

We have two options in bootcamps, depending on which one best suites you: The Full Stack Development Flex and Computer Science Engineer. Every bootcamp option we offer is uniquely designed in-house from the ground up by our team. Both courses are created with the same end goal of launching a career in code, but crafted differently to give you the best option for your personal journey through the course.

Full Stack Development Flex

Our 24-week Flex course is a self-paced bootcamp where you are able to pursue the skillsets to launch your career as a developer without having to replace valuable time you may use dedicated to something else in your day-to-day. This course is completely built out to give you the entire devCodeCamp experience with full lesson plans taught by our instructors on video, detailed worksheets, weekly instructor meetings, and a strong support system to make sure you stay on your path towards success.

The technology you will learn in devCodeCamp’s Full Stack Development Flex Bootcamp includes:

  • Python (Basic & Advanced)
  • SQL
  • Django & APIs
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • DevOps

Computer Science Engineer

Our Computer Science Engineer bootcamp is our largest course to date. This full-time 20-week class dives into over 39 modules to maximize your success towards a career in code. This bootcamp delivers our state-of-the-art lesson plans taught live by our team of expert instructors. Allowing for an interactive experience in learning as you get to take advantage of daily standup meetings, one-on-one daily scheduled review sessions, and live discussion with near immediate responses to questions.

The technology you will learn in devCodeCamp’s Full-Time Computer Science Engineer Bootcamp includes:

  • Python & Django
  • JavaScript, React.js, & Node.js
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, & MUI (Material Design)
  • Wireframe & Prototype
  • Data Structures, Algorithms, & Graphs
  • Design Patterns
  • Database, SQL, & NoSQL
  • Git & GitHub
  • REST APIs & Web Services
  • Concurrency, Operating Systems, & Network Protocols
  • Security
  • DevOps, CI/CD, & Pipelines
  • Testing, Test Driven Development, & Behavioral Driven Development
  • Cloud Computing & Amazon AWS
  • Technical & Non-Technical Documentation
  • Software Development Lifecycle

These coding bootcamps are designed with you in mind from day one introductions to after graduation when you get the option to use our Career Services team (more on that soon). Both bootcamp options we have available to you are 100% virtual so you are able to learn in the comfort of your own home. Both courses also offer key technologies such as DevOps, where you are able to obtain the qualifications to begin your career as a developer higher up right off the bat with that knowledge. Everything we teach and do during our coding bootcamp is intentional so you can have the most success as a professional developer quicker.

The devCodeCamp Instructor Support System

One of the largest factors in separating devCodeCamp from your typical online coding bootcamp options is the team of instructors you will have during your time in our classes. If you are in our self-paced course or live full-time class, you will be interacting with a handful of our instructor team very regularly. All with friendly, approachable, and professional attitudes ready to be your guiding light as you pick up the skills along your way towards a career as a developer. They all share a passion for coding which shows time and time again as they excitedly navigate the lesson modules you will be learning.

We understand the importance of having someone you can depend on when tackling multiple new concepts during the bootcamp. That’s why our support system between the instructor team and all students stays glued together to help you reach your highest level of success possible. We do that through offering 1:1 mentoring sessions with instructors, availability to answer your questions daily, provide guidance and feedback, plus more. When you are a devCodeCamp student, you have our commitment to give you the attention, feedback, and skills you need in order to achieve greatness.

Here’s one of the devCodeCamp instructors you may meet along the way:


How devCodeCamp Guides You Into a Career in Tech After Bootcamp Graduation

After you graduate from one of our coding bootcamp classes, you have the option to continue your journey with us through our Career Services team. This team is made up of career experts excited to help finish your path towards a career as a developer.

devCodeCamp’s Career Services includes resume building and LinkedIn workshops, technical and non-technical prep interviewing, connects you to companies that hire, and even helps you navigate the offer and hiring process. This is just another way we make sure our students and recent graduates get the most value out of the course as they begin their journey as professional developers.

Want a glimpse into some of the knowledge you may receive from our Career Services team? Make sure to catch this recent blog post written by our very own Lauren Daly on the top 3 best steps at being better at job interviews. Lauren is a smiling face you will encounter as you move into Career Services, ready to take the skillsets you learned in our coding bootcamp and guide you towards a future in tech.

Where do devCodeCamp graduates work?

At the start of this blog post, we mentioned how in the last decade coding bootcamps have become a part of the higher education discussion more and more. Mostly, because as more graduates started to exit bootcamp courses and land jobs in the tech world, it proved that the teaching formula was a success. At devCodeCamp, we get the honor of seeing that firsthand every month as our online coding bootcamp graduates launch careers as Software and Web Developers. Our Alumni is full of success stories that all started with someone like you wanting to change their lives, launch a career, and rebrand themselves as developers. Now you are able to see devCodeCamp graduates working at top companies such as Facebook, Amazon, HubSpot, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Rocket Mortgage, plus dozens more. All because the hopeful students could take advantage of what devCodeCamp’s bootcamp has set in place to maximize success as a working developer.

If you are ready to experience what it’s like to be a devCodeCamp graduate and launch your career in code, reach out to us today. A member of our Admissions team will get back with you to discuss what we offer in detail and why it matters to your long-term success.