devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: A Career in Code for Five Years

When Nick Tirnanich and I first connected to discuss the possibilities of being a part of the next upcoming Alumni Spotlight, his excitement obviously gave signs that the planned recorded conversation would be electric. Once the day quickly approached us and the interview began – I realized instantly how right I was on my assumption. His knowledge, wit, and professional insight gave the perfect glimpse into what his life as an Engineer looks like after graduating devCodeCamp over five years ago.

When Nick attended devCodeCamp, it was during a time when the school was a physical location. But the success he found after graduation mirrors what a lot of our students experience after graduating from our now fully online bootcamp.  He has been in the coding industry professionally now for a little over five years and believes that what he learned during his time in our course set him up for long-term success.

“I was probably one of the first or second in my class to get an opportunity. Which was really awesome. A big relief,” Nick recalls after he spoke on overcoming the doubts and struggles he experienced early on in the course. “Would you do it all again if you could, Nick?” I asked him. Without hesitation, Nick responded with a proclaimed, “Oh, absolutely. Absolutely I would.”

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