Michael Terrill Talks Code, Company Culture, and All Things Bootcamp

Michael Terrill is a familiar face for many who pass through the devCodeCamp online coding bootcamp. Not only is he the Chief Operating Officer of the online bootcamp, but he also plays a huge part in the experience that students get to live through firsthand while going through one of our courses. Michael is the groundwork and mind behind most of what devCodeCamp is today by building out the immersive course plans from the ground up, the structure of Career Services, and the main finger on the pulse of the processes set in place today while paving a path into the future.

After sitting down with Michael for this candid discussion, it is clear that his main focus lives deep inside everything we do and teach. When he was asked what is the thing that makes him most proud to be so closely associated with devCodeCamp, without hesitation his reply was “the people.” It’s a theme that came up multiple times in the conversation and his passion became infectious hearing him touch on the fundamentals that the bootcamp focuses on.

Get this exclusive peek behind devCodeCamp’s bootcamp and the person who plays such a prominent role in the staff, students, and courses.

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