How to Overcome Programmer Block

The term “programmer block” may sound new to you. But if you’ve been a developer for even a short while, it may be something you have experienced firsthand. The term is coined from the more famous “writers block” phrase. Referencing a writer who is attempting to do their craft and the words are just not coming to them. Think that, but in the world of coding. Staring back at your open program not sure where to start or go outside a few lines here and there. This isn’t a sign that you have suddenly lost your ability to code. So, there’s at least some good news. But that doesn’t change the fact going through it can be aggravating and stressful. In this blog post, we want to outline a few ways to overcome this small hurdle so you can get back on track and quickly add another successful work of art to your personal code collection.

Best Ways to Overcome Programmers Block

Take a Step Away

It’s hard to walk away from a long stint of writing code. But sometimes taking a step away is the very thing needed to keep going. Especially when you’ve hit that mental wall and find yourself struggling to keep writing lines at ease.

When it comes to coding in a professional setting, deadlines are often the main priority. Playing a game of “beat the clock” while running out of gas in the process is never a good mix. Maybe consider a walk outside during your lunch break with some of your favorite tunes. Maybe even something as simple as standing up and getting something to drink for a few moments can do the trick. During times of programmer’s block, even the smallest brain break could be the very thing to get you back in your groove. Rest your eyes away from the screen, change your views for a little bit, and go back motivated to cross that digital finish line.

Look at Your Past Work

 If there is a technical bump in the road that you just cannot get past, now may be a suitable time to glance at some past code you have already written. This is not only a fantastic way to see a real example of how you may have navigated a similar code but also could be good motivation to remind you of what you are capable of.

Even going back to some of the first coding you have ever done may point you in the right direction. Especially since your skills are much more well-rounded now compared to then, and you can see how the newer developer version of yourself was able to pivot around the unknown. There may be a needle in a haystack buried in your old code that guides you past the current brain block.

Get Inspired by Other Code and Developers

As a developer, you can greatly appreciate another developer’s work because you understand what it took to reach that point. Because we live in such an exciting time for technology, there’s game changing code being released frequently pushing the industry forward. Seeing what heights others are achieving in exciting new tech may give you the very inspiration you need.

But innovation is not something only coming out today. Another idea is looking back. Studying the code that laid the groundwork of what programmers use today. Deep diving into some of the most impressive minds ever in the field who created their work with no guide and limited previous knowledge openly available. The number of programmer’s block they likely experienced was often. But they overcame it with grace and changed the world. So can you!

Sharpen Your Skills

The wise old saying “practice makes perfect” is true more times than not. No matter how long you have been coding, there’s always room to grow your skillset. Which is one of the most exciting parts of being a developer — there is no ceiling!

If you have run into programmer’s block, it may be the perfect time to take a step back and see how you can improve. You may be surprised to realize you are running into things to slow down the process because there is an easier way to do what you may be doing. It can also be something you are overlooking in your current code. Revisiting lessons and practicing your skills is a way to improve not only your coding ability, but also to keep your mental stamina stronger and ready to take on anything that comes your way. Even the unexpected blank stares your unfinished code has been receiving in recent time.

As briefly mentioned above, being a developer is an exciting role because there’s always room for improvement. In such a fast-paced industry full of change, staying on top of your skillsets is an absolute must. At devCodeCamp’s online coding bootcamp, our courses are designed to help you reach maximum success. If you are wanting to learn how to code and launch your career as a developer or looking for a way to grow on what you already know, devCodeCamp is ready to get you there!