The Importance of Critical Thinking as a Developer

What it takes to become a good developer is more than understanding how to write the code. To maximize your skillsets in programming, it’s a must to combine multiple attributes to reach the highest potential possible. Critical thinking is high on that list of things you need to have in your mental toolbox while you advance as a developer. In this blog post, we are going to discuss why critical thinking is so important for everyone working in code to be an expert in.

Why Critical Thinking Matters in Coding

Gives You New Perspectives

Being hours into a debugging session is mentally grueling for almost anyone. When you’re staring at your screen and drawing nothing but a blank when attempting to find a solution, changing the angle you look at the code may allow you to be guided to the answer much easier. This is where critical thinking comes into play. Giving you the ability to break habits or reveal blind spots and see the code in a new light. It’s easy to struggle while having the answer right in front of you when writing code. Critical thinking lets you pause, take a step back, and successfully tackle any hurdles getting in your way.

Allows You to Have Patience During Uncertainty

Experiencing a crunch time while speeding towards a deadline date is a nightmare every developer has to work through at least once in their professional career. It can be distracting, stressful, and overwhelming at times. With critical thinking, you obtain the patience to maintain your quality regardless of what the stakes may be. Having the feeling of confidence through critical thinking during those uncertain times keeps your eye on the prize and helps guide you towards that end goal. This is a huge asset to have when working on a team of developers who depend on you to contribute equally no matter the situation.

Keeps Your Creativity Thriving

Being creative as a developer allows you to be easily inspired to continue creating great things in your industry while working towards the higher goal of pushing the envelope of possibility. Creativity in code allows for massive breakthroughs that could potentially change the world as we know it. Having a skillset grab bag where creativity and critical thinking is able to be mixed together could push you to completely new heights. Creative thinking isn’t just for creating highly impressive code. It also lets you find workarounds and solutions in everyday code by using your knowledge to successfully navigate what you are working on. With critical thinking involved, it allows your brain to lean into your creativity and gives you the best possible outcome when painting your next coding masterpiece.

Makes Your Analytical Mind Your Biggest Superpower

Some of the benefits of knowing how to code is an automatic brain power booster over time. The more you code, the more your brain slowly changes in how it breaks things down on and off the screen. You develop an analytical mindset that can view complex situations and understand details noticeably faster. When you involve critical thinking in that shifting mentality, you will walk away with a coding superpower. Using critical thinking as the fuel to your analytical code breakdowns to effortlessly find the path you need to be on and flawlessly execute the solution.

 While our online coding bootcamp courses focus on teaching you programming languages to get you career ready as a developer, we also focus on teaching you the developer mentality so you are most ready on day one of a new tech role. You will learn how to learn very early on as you are shaped into a well-rounded coder ready to approach anything thrown your way. The benefits of critical thinking in any programmer role are a must have. That’s why we make sure it’s a focus point along the way of our courses. Being a great developer is so much more than having the ability to write code. With critical thinking, you will have the comfort in knowing that no problem is too big.

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