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5 Reasons to Learn Code in 2022

With the world of technology so involved in our everyday lives, having a basic understanding of code is no longer as uncommon. Even if someone has no previous experience on how to write a programming language, most have a basic awareness of what a Web and Software Developer does from a high-level perspective. But not everyone knows how learning how to code is able to give you plenty of personal and professional benefits. Even if you are not wanting to pursue a development role as a career, learning how to code can be a positive jump for your current job role, as well. In this blog post, we want to tell you five great reasons why you should learn how to code.

5 Reasons to Learn How to Code

1. Great Pay for Careers and Freelance Coding Work

Starting off with one of the most obvious reasons being the financial benefits. Pursuing a career in code usually allows for high starting pay with even a Junior Developer level. According to Payscale, the average pay for Junior Developers is $53,000+. Of course, with more coding knowledge, the more pay you will be given. Especially after progressing in job titles.

You can make a nice amount of side money if you choose to freelance, too. The amount of people needing applications and websites for projects and businesses who lack the developer skills to create them themselves are always available. Regardless of where your skills may be.

2. Long-Term Demand and Growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 1.8 million developer jobs in 2020. With an expected job market growth rate to grow 22% between 2020-2030. When you look around you and see all the technology while imagining the number of developers behind each item, it is easy to start to add up the numbers rapidly. And having a seat in one of the fastest and largest growing industries should give you a long-term peace of mind in wanting to learn how to code. The numbers show there will be plenty of available work for an exceptionally long time.

Having the ability to code gives you benefits in other industries, too. It’s a wise skillset to pick up that will offer you potential job security down the line and growth options. You become a more valuable employee instantly, being able to add coding to your list of skills to bring to the table. Even having a non-technical career and knowing how to code could open you up for promotions later down the line since it highlights a big way you can contribute to the company’s growth.

3. You Get to Create and Do Engaging Work

Having monotony in the workplace is far too common. Doing the same set of tasks day in and day out eventually becomes dull even for some of the most exciting jobs out there. As a developer, that is a rare feeling to run into. You get the ability to create entire things from scratch. The creation process will offer plenty of engagement and will continue to keep you interested since every project you work on will likely be a little different than the last. A level of excitement is also there because of how important the job is in the grand scheme of what the future looks like. With technology constantly advancing, you can play a direct part in what the future of the world may look like directly because of the project you may help develop. And with the endless possibilities in what you can create, the outcome may be much larger than you could imagine. Facebook was created in a dorm room and Apple was created in a house’s garage. The power you can have at your fingertips by learning code is astronomical. Entirely possible for anyone anywhere.

4. Become an Expert Problem Solver with an Analytical Mind

Learning how to pivot as a developer is one of the key traits you must carry with you if you want to find success in code. The unpredictable is around every corner and possible on every line you write. Having to randomly make you pick through your code with a fine brush because of errors is just a big part of a developer’s day.

With time, your brain will begin to shift. It will slowly mold into being very analytical in writing code and finding bugs to move the process along. This is a side effect that usually comes naturally after being a developer for a short amount of time because you can change the way you think and view problems.

5. You Can Build Things to Make Your Life Easier

Anything is possible when you can code. Including being able to make your life easier by building out things to use daily. Even if you are not a full-time developer, you can find ways to automate daily tasks to free up your time and schedule. You can also say goodbye to online help videos breaking down step-by-step how to fix one of your broken technologies since you will now be able to repair it yourself. Knowing how to code can realistically make your life easier in all aspects and is especially convenient during times of wanting to get rid of small nuisances you may experience in your daily life now.

How to Learn How to Code

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