devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: From a Career in Pharmacy to a Career in Code

At devCodeCamp, every student that enrolls has their own unique story to tell. Whether they are right out of high school pursuing their higher education, a stay-at-home mother taking advantage of our self-pace course options, a veteran transitioning back into civilian life, or simply just someone who shows a passion for coding or technology and are excited to launch a career as a developer. Everyone has their own story of where they come from and their personal reasons for pursuing learning how to code. When it comes to devCodeCamp graduate Audrey Schmidt, her story has a particular uniqueness to it that isn’t as common as others we often see.

Before attending our online coding bootcamp, Audrey had a career as a pharmacist. She had her professional path set after years of hard work and dedication in medical college. That hard work paid off and she successfully became a Doctor of Pharmacy after graduation in 2020. Her professional future was set for success and she had a clear idea of what her career would look like – at least she thought at the time. Audrey had a life changing realization after working in the role day in and day out. She accepted that being a pharmacist may not be what she wanted to do with her life after all.

“I did two years of undergraduate pre-pharmacy studies; I went and did three years of my doctorate in pharmacy at the Medical College of Wisconsin. [I] graduated from that in 2020 and practiced as a pharmacist for around a year and a half, both in hospitals and retail settings. So, I really did try to make pharmacy work. But, you know, I just got to this point where I was like, ‘No, I don’t think I can do this for the rest of my life,’ and luckily devCodeCamp was there when that happened,” Audrey recalls.

The switch from full-time pharmacist to pursuing a career as a developer was a decision that Audrey dived headfirst in through our coding bootcamp. She set eyes on a new professional goal and allowed success to be the only option available to her. That passion allowed her to go through our online coding bootcamp course, get the hirable skillsets in code she needed, and is now working full-time as a software engineer for a medical company.

“…As soon as you can do it, I would just do it. Because I was maybe over prepared. Because I was just kinda sitting there like, maybe I should do it, popped over [to] devCodeCamp at least fifty times, and I was like, ‘No. Maybe not today. Maybe tomorrow,’…In the end it all worked out but I do wish I did it as soon as I could have,” Audrey explained with enthusiasm.

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