devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: Marco and the True Value of Learning How to Learn in Code

When a devCodeCamp student enters their very first day of our online coding bootcamp, they are instantly made aware that our course structure is more than teaching code. Because we have a deep understanding that professional developers need a certain set of skills to be the best version of themselves they can be in a developer role. That level of skill requires much more than the ability to write programming languages. When devCodeCamp alumni Marco Malacara launched his career in code after graduating from our bootcamp in 2018, he immediately understood the importance of learning how to learn.

“Whatever language they teach you, it’s great [and] it’s valuable, but it honestly doesn’t matter. The most valuable thing that I got from devCodeCamp, that everyone I think will get from devCodeCamp, is the ability to teach yourself a language. Because in tech, it’s constantly going to be switching. There’s some standards that stick. But, I mean, in my four years, I’ve used probably over ten different libraries and languages just to complete a task…What I loved about [devCodeCamp’s] structure..It wasn’t just, ‘This is how you do JavaScript. This is how you learn JavaScript.’ And once you learn those foundational elements, you can hop into almost any other framework and be like, ‘This is how you approach it. This is how you digest it. This is how you increase what you’re taking in.’ I think that’s incredibly valuable. Not even just to my career. But to life in general…” Marco explained how the devCodeCamp groundwork helped him in his career long-term.

Marco’s ability to code and entrepreneur spirit that he left devCodeCamp’s bootcamp with allowed him to instantly begin making significant moves in his life and career. Four years later, he is still on that path forward. Reaching new exciting heights as a professional developer by constantly developing his skillsets because of his ability to learn how to learn.

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