devCodeCamp’s Career Services Discusses How Bootcamp Graduates Get Jobs

After a devCodeCamp student completes one of our online coding bootcamp courses, they are able to take advantage of the knowledge, preparation, coaching, and workshops that Career Services has waiting for them to continue their path towards success. Paul Jirovetz and Lauren Daly are on the powerhouse team that fuels this part of the journey for students and plays a monumental part in giving recent bootcamp graduates the needed tools to maximize their success during the hiring process to set them up to be the most prepared to launch their career in code.

“There’s this unique handoff that happens when a student finishes their journey with instruction, they’ve learned to code, they have these skills, and they’re ready to put those skills to use. So, they’re looking for a company that will provide the infrastructure needed to raise them up and help them understand how to go from a Junior to a Mid-Level dev. And so, our job is to really make that connection with businesses and then also train the students how to interact with those businesses so that we can bridge that gap…Finding students’ jobs is a matter of both helping them become someone who is worth hiring and/or understand how to market themselves as someone worth hiring and then also help businesses understand the value that they bring to the table,” explained devCodeCamp’s Business Relations Specialist Lauren Daly.

These graduates go through Career Services hungry to apply the knowledge they learned in the coding bootcamp and become full-time developers in technology companies. The interview preparation, LinkedIn and resume workshops, online portfolio showcases, and job tracking are just a few ways the devCodeCamp Career Services team help mold these impressive new developers into being ready for the next big steps in their career journey path.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a person on day one sort of deer in the headlights and all of a sudden a couple of months later they’re connecting with you on Zoom and saying how thrilled they are to get this job offer,” said Paul Jirovetz, devCodeCamp’s Senior Business Relationship Specialist.

We sit down to discuss the details behind what Career Services offers to excited new coding bootcamp graduates, touch on the current job market and how to stay on top of the constant changes, the best way to navigate the interview process, and much more in this jam-packed new episode of the devCodeCamp Podcast.


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